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Revolutionizing Pune’s Business Landscape: Strategic Partnerships, Tech Innovations and Expanding Co-working Spaces


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In a significant move within Pune’s financial and real estate segments, Prachay Capital, a leading non-banking financial company (NBFC) in the city, has entered a strategic partnership with Knest, a prominent Aluform manufacturer. This partnership is set to revolutionize real estate financing, introducing groundbreaking financing solutions tailored for the sector. Aluform technology, crucial for the construction of high-rise buildings and large-scale projects, had predominantly been imported from Korean providers. However, the landscape is shifting as Indian companies like Knest start to claim more substantial market segments. Under the leadership of Nitin Mittal, Knest is standing out by capturing a significant share of this evolving market.

In another stride towards enhancing the operational efficiency of businesses in Pune, SHARP Business Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd made headlines with the launch of two cutting-edge products: a new compact Colour Multifunctional Printer (MFP) (BP-C533WD) and an Interactive Whiteboard (PN-LC752 and PN-LC862). Specifically designed to blend seamlessly into any workplace, the compact MFP aims to deliver the robust capabilities of A3 colour multifunction printers in a more compact form. Alongside, the introduction of an advanced 4K Ultra HD interactive whiteboard marks a leap towards redefining productivity and efficiency in modern workspaces. Osamu Narita, managing director of SHARP Business Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd, emphasized their commitment to merging premier technology with unmatched performance to set new benchmarks.

The landscape of co-working spaces in Pune is witnessing a remarkable expansion with THE BOARDROOM’s recent acquisition. Known for its substantial presence in Mumbai, THE BOARDROOM has ventured into Pune’s market by inaugurating two new facilities that span a combined area of 36,000 square feet. This move not only signifies THE BOARDROOM’s ambitious market expansion but also brings to Pune a new era of professional and business empowerment. With the capacity to accommodate 800 seats, these facilities are equipped with modern amenities, collaborative workspaces, and an environment that is designed to stimulate creativity and productivity. This expansion is a testament to THE BOARDROOM’s commitment towards facilitating a thriving community of professionals and businesses.

The synergy between innovative financial solutions, cutting-edge technological products, and the expanding infrastructure of co-working spaces encapsulate the dynamic evolution of Pune’s business landscape. Each of these developments plays a crucial role in not just fostering a conducive environment for startups and established businesses but also in positioning Pune as a prominent hub for innovation and growth in the region.

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