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Revolutionizing Residential and Commercial Heating: Norwegian Startup Introduces CO2 Water-to-Water Heat Pump


Norwegian Startup Unveils CO2 Water-to-Water Heat Pump

In a significant development for both residential and commercial heating applications, the Norway-based startup, Tequs, has announced the release of its innovative water-to-water, plug-and-play CO2 heat pump. This revolutionary product promises to transform the way we think about heating and cooling solutions, leveraging the environmentally friendly CO2 (R744) as its refrigerant.

Joakim Søgård, CEO of Tequs, highlighted the user-friendly nature and the modular design of their new heat pumps. “Our new heat pumps are modular and can be used in parallel to achieve higher capacities,” Søgård explained. The units are delivered ready for use, pre-filled with CO2 and oil, and feature a large touchscreen with an intuitive user interface that simplifies both service and maintenance tasks.

One of the standout features of these heat pumps, according to Tequs, is their ability to offer simultaneous heating and cooling when operating on both sides. This flexibility is vital for applications that require both functions throughout the year. The system can efficiently handle return temperatures up to 50°C, or up to 60°C when equipped with a hydronic kit, without sacrificing performance.

“The products stand out particularly in that they can deliver up to 90°C of heat for space heating, air conditioning, and domestic hot water while handling the high return temperatures required when retrofitting heating systems designed for fossil fuel heating,” added Søgård. This capability to handle such high return temperatures while maintaining an optimal coefficient of performance (COP) is a significant achievement that sets Tequs’ heat pumps apart from the competition.

Available in eight different models, the Tequs heat pumps cater to a wide range of capacities, from 17 kW to 268 kW, making them suitable for various applications, from small homes to large commercial buildings. The smallest model in the lineup, the TCHP 17, boasts a compact design with dimensions of 1,462 mm x 690 mm x 1,913 mm and operates on a 400 V voltage. It offers a heating capacity of 18 kW and a cooling capacity of 17 kW, with an impressive COP of 5.0 for heating and 4.4 for cooling.

The introduction of this CO2 water-to-water heat pump by Tequs is not just a step forward in heating and cooling technology but also a leap towards more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. By utilizing CO2 as a refrigerant, Tequs is helping reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional heating systems, paving the way for a greener future. As the world increasingly looks for ways to combat climate change and reduce carbon footprints, innovations like this play a crucial role in achieving those goals.

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