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Revolutionizing the Tourism Industry: Grow Tourism’s New Team and Vision for 2024


New Year, New Team For Tech Startup Grow Tourism

As the first quarter of 2024 unfolds, tech startup Grow Tourism is taking significant strides to enhance its partnerships, technology, and advisory capabilities. The company is excited to announce the addition of two new members to its team and the formation of a new Advisory Board, paving the way for revolutionary advancements in the tourism industry.

Amanda Linklater, currently the Vice Chair of the Young Tourism Export Council, is stepping into the role of Partnerships Lead at Grow Tourism. Linklater, who is based in Queenstown, brings a wealth of experience from her previous positions at Go With Tourism, RealNZ, Active Adventures, and Hotel St Moritz. In her new role, she will spearhead business development initiatives with the aim of identifying and exploiting opportunities for Grow Tourism to deliver value within the tourism sector.

Linklater expressed her excitement about her new position, stating, “I’m a huge advocate of the visitor economy, and to be part of a team whose purpose is to enhance the skills and knowledge within the sector while unlocking ‘higher-value tourism’ is something I’m very passionate about. This role – and the Grow Tourism vision – couldn’t be a better fit.”

Joining Linklater, Bruce Hurd has been appointed as the Technology Lead for Grow Tourism. Hurd brings a robust technical background, having developed international SaaS and technology products for high-profile clients such as McDonalds, Nasdaq, ASOS, and HP. In his new role, he will oversee the technical development of Grow’s platforms.

Grow Tourism is dedicated to redefining the visitor economy through its professional development platform. This platform offers bite-sized learning courses and customised training aimed at fostering higher-value tourism outcomes that benefit people, places, and businesses alike. A future update to the platform will introduce business improvement opportunities derived from learner data, utilizing AI for deeper insights.

In addition to bolstering its team, Grow Tourism is proud to reveal its new Advisory Board. The board comprises thought leaders from across the private sector, including Shayne Forrest (Hobbiton Movie Set), Eve Lawrence (Intrepid Travel), Rick Crannitch (Naumi Hotels), Tori Burns (Russell-Orongo Bay Top 10 Holiday Park), Zac Watson (Maverick Digital), and Lee Brown (Hospitality New Zealand). This diverse group of board members brings a wealth of experience and perspectives to Grow Tourism, furthering its mission to drive innovation in the tourism industry.

“Deep within our industry is a challenge – growing tourism & hospitality professionals within an organisation is critical. I remember vividly my ‘aha’ moment, which drew me in to my career, and I’m passionate about helping others find theirs,” shared Rick Crannitch, a proud Advisory Board Member.

The platform’s learning modules cover a broad spectrum of topics vital to the tourism industry, ranging from building commercial frameworks and delivering outstanding customer experiences, to sustainability storytelling. Real-world case studies, such as those from AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand and Sudima Hotels, are integrated into the curriculum to ensure the learning experiences are grounded in practical applications.

As Grow Tourism embarks on its second year, it bid farewell to co-Founder Tash McGill, who is stepping away from the company to focus on her tourism tech and media ventures in 2024. Reflecting on her departure, McGill stated, “I’m proud of everything Grow Tourism has achieved so far thanks to a remarkable team and I know that team, led by Alex, is absolutely going to continue delivering great outcomes.”

With the infusion of new talent and the formation of a strategic Advisory Board, Grow Tourism is poised to make substantial impacts on the tourism industry in 2024 and beyond, driving the sector towards a more sustainable and valuable future.

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