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Rising High: Nigeria Spearheading Africa’s Mining Sector Revival


Nigeria Leads Africa’s Mining Sector Resurgence

The recent 30th edition of the “Investing in Mining Indaba” held in Cape Town, South Africa, marked a significant moment for the African continent, particularly in the realm of mining. This event presented an excellent platform for African nations, led notably by Nigeria and Uganda, to unify and voice their collective aspirations for the continent’s mining industry. A pivotal outcome of early discussions this year was the formation of the African Minerals Strategy Group (AMSG), an initiative designed to amplify Africa’s voice in the global mining landscape through advocating for local value addition and maximum beneficiation of its vast mineral resources.

Dr. Dele Alake, Nigeria’s Minister of Solid Minerals Development, was elected as the inaugural chairman of the AMSG. Under his leadership, a firm stance has been taken against the traditional export of raw minerals without substantial local value addition. Alake’s vision emphasizes one voice and unified regulations across African nations to prevent exploitation and ensure Africa’s mining sector is taken seriously on the global stage.

In his efforts to reposition Africa within diversified global value chains, Minister Alake underscored the importance of a comprehensive approach encompassing exploration, processing, and delivery. He highlighted the critical nature of infrastructure, like roads and rail systems, to facilitate these processes and suggested partnerships with consumer nations to support infrastructure development without compromising on local value addition.

Nigeria, experiencing a “Lithium boom,” is positioned as an attractive destination for investors in the Lithium value chain. The abundance of Lithium, available at lower extraction costs compared to other countries, sets Nigeria apart. The Solid Minerals Development Fund (SMDF), established in Nigeria, works to unlock funding for the sector by supporting local investors and partnerships, such as with the African Finance Corporation (AFC), to encourage investment in the mining sector.

Back in Nigeria, President Bola Tinubu’s reforms are gaining traction, with an inter-ministerial committee developing a blueprint for securing the nation’s natural resources. A specialized security outfit is envisioned, equipped with advanced technology and personnel to safeguard Nigeria’s solid minerals, forest, and marine assets. Furthermore, an effective governance structure for the mining sector is being planned through the establishment of the Nigerian Mining Corporation. This initiative seeks to minimize government interference, ensuring efficiency and stability.

Legislative support is also being consolidated, with the National Assembly working towards amending the 2007 Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act. This amendment is critical for backing the proposed mining corporation and other reforms, ensuring they are grounded in solid statutory frameworks.

Dr. Alake, in a recent discussion, mentioned the potential revocation of additional mining licenses as part of efforts to regulate the sector and welcome genuine investors. Last year’s revocation of 1,633 mining licenses for non-payment of fees was a step towards this goal, emphasizing the government’s commitment to enforcing regulations and opening up the sector to serious investment.

As Nigeria assumes a leadership role in the AMSG and spearheads initiatives for the mining sector’s resurgence across Africa, the continent is poised for a new era of prosperity in mining. The focus on local value addition promises to ensure that Africa can fully benefit from its abundant natural resources, marking a significant shift towards sustainable and equitable development in the mining industry.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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