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Saudi’s Neo Space Group Welcomes New CEO, Martijn Blanken, Aiming to Lead Global Space Industry


Saudi Neo Space Group Appoints Martijn Blanken as Group CEO

In a significant move towards bolstering the kingdom’s ambitions in the space sector, the Neo Space Group (NSG) has welcomed Martijn Blanken as its new Group Chief Executive Officer. The NSG, which operates under the ownership of the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund (PIF), is setting its sights on a future at the forefront of the global space industry.

With a robust background spanning more than 25 years, Martijn Blanken brings extensive expertise from the global telecommunications and technology sectors to NSG. His prior roles have equipped him with a nuanced understanding of the digital infrastructure landscape, most recently as the CEO of EXA Infrastructure. EXA Infrastructure stands as a major digital infrastructure platform that plays a pivotal role in connecting Europe and North America. Before his tenure at EXA, Blanken provided his knowledge and insights as a senior advisor to Squared Capital, an international infrastructure investment firm, underlining his comprehensive experience in driving technological advancements and investments.

The appointment of Martijn Blanken comes at a turning point for the NSG, as the organization lays down its strategic roadmap to dive into the most lucrative and innovative space sector opportunities. Emphasizing its intention to be at the vanguard of fostering a vibrant space industry, the NSG plans to extend its support to promising new space technology startups and entrepreneurs. These efforts will not be confined to the borders of Saudi Arabia but will extend globally, in a clear sign of the kingdom’s ambition to establish itself as a pivotal player on the space industry’s international stage.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the new role and the potential of the space industry, Martijn Blanken remarked, “The space industry is rapidly transforming and is wide open for disruption, so the launch of NSG is very well-timed. We believe that by putting the customer’s need at the center of everything we do, leveraging existing assets in the industry in combination with investments in new capabilities, we will be able to become an effective disrupter and challenger brand in the global space economy and a national champion for SaudiĀ“s space ambitions.”

As the space industry continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, the leadership of seasoned executives like Martijn Blanken could significantly influence the trajectory of Saudi Arabia’s space sector. With a clear focus on innovation, customer-centric solutions, and strategic investments, the NSG is poised to make substantial contributions to not only the kingdom’s space ambitions but also to the global space economy as a whole.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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