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Security and Stability of Dinar Exchange Rate: Pillars of Investment Environment in Jordan


Security, Stability of Dinar Exchange Rate Are Most Important Features of Jordan, Minister Says

In a recent government meeting focused on enhancing the investment climate in Jordan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Administration, Tawfiq Krishan, underscored the vital strategies instigated by His Majesty King Abdullah II. These strategies are central to building an inviting atmosphere for investments, fundamental for the nation’s economic upliftment and job creation.

The discussions, which convened ministers and key figures from both the public and private sectors, delved into the realms of investment, industry, trade, and development, particularly spotlighting the Ma’an Development Area. Krishan emphasized the streamlined processes for investment and the crucial collaboration between public and private entities to foster economic growth.

Jordan is celebrated for its numerous benefits in the Middle East, including a robust security framework, a stable dinar exchange rate, and appealing investment legislation. Under the leadership of King Abdullah II over the past 25 years, Jordan has ambitiously aimed at sustainable growth across economic sectors to ameliorate the quality of life for its citizens.

King Abdullah II’s vision has not only globalized Jordan’s economy but also highlighted the significance of forging genuine partnerships between the public and private sectors. Despite the hurdles posed by regional and global dynamics, Jordan stands as a model for economic development and investment in the region, thanks to its stable and inviting environment.

Krishan reminisced about September 9, 2007, a landmark day when the Ma’an Development Zone was initiated by His Majesty, aimed at catalyzing local development and economic prosperity throughout the Kingdom. This zone has since magnetized investments and development projects, catalyzing job opportunities and enhancing the living standards, particularly in rural locales.

The Ma’an Development Zone is hailed for its abundant natural resources, strategic positioning, and its pivotal role as a gateway to economic markets in neighboring territories. This has rendered it an appealing locus for investors and for the advancement of development projects.

In detailing the government’s resolutions designed to address investor and industrialist challenges in the development, industrial, and free zones, Krishan shed light on the deliberations and site visits since June 2021. The Ma’an Development Area emerges as a cornerstone for development and industry, satisfying both local and regional market demands with its integrated structure.

The zone was honored with the Silver Jubilee Medal by His Majesty King Abdullah II for its contributory role in fostering regional development and investment, thus buttressing the national economy and enhancing job opportunities. This acknowledgment came as the development zone accrued three medals during the Silver Jubilee for its strides in various sectors, perpetuating investment and modernization endeavors under the King’s reign.

Championed by the Ma’an Development Company, the Ma’an Development Zone accentuates competitive advantages, boosting the economic, social, historical, religious, architectural, and industrial dimensions of the region. It cultivates an alluring business environment that champions development excellence.

Shehadeo Abu Hadeeb, Chairman of the Ma’an Development Company’s Board of Directors, lauded the zone’s exemplary infrastructure, especially its solar energy projects, placing it prominently on the investment radar in both Jordan and the wider region. He highlighted the zone’s simplified regulatory framework and superior quality of services that bolster site industries and endorse growth.

Through ongoing efforts and strategic initiatives, Jordan aims to continue attracting investments that align with its long-term vision for economic growth and development. The stability and security of the Jordanian dinar alongside the nation’s inviting investment legislation and strategic initiatives like the Ma’an Development Area, affirm Jordan’s position as a desirable destination for investors and industrialists aiming to expand within the Middle East and beyond.

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Jordan Clark
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