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Selling Homes in Spring or Await the Realtor Settlement: A Strategic Decision for Homeowners


Should You Sell Your Home Now or Wait for the Realtor Settlement This Summer?

With spring traditionally being the prime season for real estate listings, many homeowners are confronting a new dilemma this year due to an impending shakeup in the industry. A significant change is on the horizon, stemming from a $418 million settlement announced by the National Association of Realtors. Slated to potentially take effect as early as July, this settlement is poised to dismantle the longstanding standard of a 6% commission paid by the seller. This development could make selling a home post-settlement significantly more cost-effective.

However, the question remains: Is it prudent to delay listing your home, risking a potential sale in the process?

The Allure of Spring for Home Sales

Spring has always enjoyed popularity as the ideal season for real estate transactions. One reason is the agreeable weather—neither the biting cold of winter nor the oppressive heat of summer, presenting an optimal climate for moving. For families, this season aligns perfectly with the academic calendar, allowing children to transition smoothly without changing schools. Additionally, by spring, many have recuperated from holiday expenses, positioning themselves better financially for a home purchase.

Advantages of Entering the Spring Homebuying Market

The impending realtor settlement introduces a significant consideration for homebuyers. Currently, the buyer’s agent’s commission is incorporated into the home’s purchase price, an amount that can be spread across the mortgage’s lifespan. Post-settlement, however, buyers might face flat fees upfront, increasing the initial financial burden. This shift might incentivize buyers to finalize a purchase before these changes take effect.

Moreover, the final approval of the settlement by a federal court remains uncertain, presenting another layer of unknowns that could discourage waiting to list your property. Conversations with real estate professionals indicate that the anticipation of the settlement has not dampened listing activity, suggesting a continued robust market.

Reasons to Consider Waiting

On the flip side, waiting until after the settlement allows sellers to potentially negotiate lower commissions and possibly bypass the buyer’s agent’s commission altogether. Such savings could translate to thousands of dollars more from a home sale. While testing the market now might seem premature to some, the value brought by a skilled agent—capable of netting more from a sale—should not be underestimated, regardless of timing.

Ultimately, the decision to list now or wait hinges on individual circumstances and market dynamics. What is clear, though, is that the upcoming changes to real estate transaction structures promise to shift the landscape in significant ways, potentially influencing strategies for buyers and sellers alike.

As the real estate market approaches this crossroads, staying informed and weighing the pros and cons of timing your home sale is more crucial than ever. Whether to capitalize on the traditional spring buying frenzy or to wait for the effects of the Realtor settlement to materialize, the decision involves careful consideration of market trends, personal circumstances, and potential financial implications.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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