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Shashi Tharoor Criticizes Interim Budget, Accuses Government of Deception and Inaction


All Talk, No Action: Shashi Tharoor Criticizes Government’s Interim Budget

In a fervent critique of the Modi government’s interim budget, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has accused the Centre of engaging in a “smoke and mirrors” game, questioning whom the government is supporting and whose development it is ensuring. Addressing the economic challenges faced by the poor, women, youth, and farmers, Tharoor argued that these groups have been among the worst affected economically.

During a debate on the Lok Sabha’s Interim Budget 2024-25, Tharoor labeled the government’s approach as “all talk and no action.” He mocked the ruling NDA for not disclosing accurate data on poverty and consumption figures in the country, referring to it as “No Data Available.” Tharoor sharply criticized the government’s interpretation of GDP, suggesting that it instead stands for governmental intrusion, demographic betrayal, and ongoing poverty.

He lamented the missed opportunity to leverage India’s demographic dividend, which he views as sliding towards disaster amidst rising unemployment and economic disparity. Tharoor reminisced about the 2014 mandate given to the current government based on promises of inclusive development, only to assert that ten years later, those promises remain unfulfilled, leaving India grappling with distress, low incomes, and high unemployment.

The debate highlighted the government’s alleged failure to deliver on its commitments to the poor, women, youth, and farmers, alongside concerns over unemployment, democracy, and diversity. Tharoor’s discourse culminated in a call to acknowledge the government’s interim budget as a mere fa├žade, devoid of solutions for the country’s economic woes.

Concluding his address, Tharoor expressed skepticism towards the government’s economic strategy and posed a rhetorical challenge to validate the claimed reduction in multidimensional poverty. The Congress leader’s critical examination of the government’s policies and budgetary allocations shed light on what he perceives as a stark disconnect between the administration’s promises and the reality faced by India’s populace.

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Alexandra Bennett
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