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Significant Drug Crackdown in Hinigaran: Top Drug Personality Arrested in Major Operation


Hinigaran Top Drug Personality Arrested

In a significant crackdown on illegal drugs in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental, local law enforcement made a decisive arrest during a meticulously planned operation on Wednesday, May 8. The operation was led by the dedicated personnel of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)-Western Visayas, targeting a well-known figure in the drug trade within the Barangay Gargato area.

The individual apprehended in this critical operation was identified by police as Alias Turing, a 33-year-old male resident of Hinigaran. Turing has been on the radar of the authorities for his alleged involvement in the local drug scene, making his capture a significant victory in the ongoing battle against illegal narcotics in the region.

The successful arrest was the result of an undercover operation wherein Turing was caught red-handed. He was apprehended after selling a sachet of suspected shabu, also known as methamphetamine, to a poseur buyer – an operative pretending to be a customer to catch Turing in the act. This method of operation is commonly employed by law enforcement to gather undeniable evidence against suspects involved in the drug trade.

Following Turing’s arrest, a search was conducted, leading to the recovery of several sachets containing suspected shabu. The total haul weighed approximately 15 grams, carrying an estimated market value of P102,000. This significant find not only underscores the scale of Turing’s alleged operations but also represents a substantial financial blow to the local drug market. In addition to the narcotics, authorities also seized buy-bust money used in the operation, a cellular phone believed to be used for drug transactions, and a pouch, further solidifying the case against Turing.

The PDEA has noted that Turing operated under several aliases, a common tactic among those involved in illegal activities to evade law enforcement. Despite these efforts to remain under the radar, the persistence and tactical ingenuity of the PDEA and local police have paid off with his capture.

Currently, Turing is being held at the custodial facility of the Hinigaran Municipal Police Station. His arrest marks a significant achievement for local authorities and places him as the second-ranked individual on the town’s drug watchlist. This operation sends a strong message to those involved in the illegal drug trade in Hinigaran and beyond, showcasing the relentless efforts of law enforcement to combat and dismantle these operations.

The arrest of Alias Turing represents a crucial step forward in the ongoing fight against illegal drugs in Hinigaran. It exemplifies the effective collaboration between local police forces and the PDEA in targeting individuals who contribute to the proliferation of dangerous narcotics in the community. As authorities continue their vigilant efforts to clean the streets of illegal drugs, the community of Hinigaran can hope for a safer environment, free from the perils associated with drug abuse and trafficking.

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Jordan Clark
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