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Silicon Box: A Singapore Startup’s $3.6 Billion Investment to Propel Italian Semiconductor Industry Growth


Singapore Startup Set to Launch a New Packaging Facility in Northern Italy

In a significant move that underscores the increasing globalization of the semiconductor industry, Silicon Box, a semiconductor packaging firm based in Singapore, has announced its plans to invest a substantial $3.6 billion in establishing a manufacturing facility in Northern Italy. This venture marks a major milestone for the three-year-old startup, known for its specialization in advanced chiplet integration technology, demonstrating its commitment to expanding its footprint on a global scale.

The company, which kick-started its operations with a fabrication plant (fab) in Singapore, has rapidly gained recognition for its pioneering work in the semiconductor sector. The Singapore facility is renowned for its comprehensive operations that encompass receiving wafers, slicing them into individual chips, assembling these into final products, and conducting thorough tests on performance and quality before dispatching them to a diverse clientele. This clientele includes specialty chip designers, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The proposed facility in Italy is expected to mirror the functions of its Singaporean counterpart.

This expansive investment not only signifies Silicon Box’s debut into the global arena but is also poised to generate employment for approximately 1,600 individuals upon reaching its full operational capacity. While the precise location of the plant in Northern Italy is still under deliberation, the company has already initiated the design and planning phases of the project. Nevertheless, the flow of subsidies from the European Commission, crucial for the project’s fruition, hangs in balance awaiting approval.

The operational expenses of this ambitious project are estimated to hover around €4 billion ($4.4 billion) over a span of 15 years, as projected by Italy’s Industry Ministry. The ministry’s backing signals a strong governmental support for the initiative, which is anticipated to chart a new course for next-generation applications. These include artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), large language models (LLM), electric vehicles (EV), automotive, wearables, mobile technology, smart consumer products, edge computing, and more, through the provision of advanced packaging and testing capabilities.

Dr. Byung Joon Han, CEO of Silicon Box, shared insights into the rationale behind selecting Italy as the prime location for their global expansion efforts. Citing shared cultural values among other factors such as infrastructure, talent pool, and governmental backing, Dr. Han expressed optimism about the project’s role in fostering close collaboration with Europe’s semiconductor wafer fabrication clusters situated in Italy, Germany, and France. This strategic positioning is aimed at bolstering the resilience and cost efficiency of both the European and global semiconductor supply chains, at a time when the demand for such technology far outstrips supply.

The recent global disruptions have accentuated the need for a robust and resilient semiconductor supply chain in Europe. In alignment with the European Union’s ambitious goal to recapture 20 percent of the global semiconductor manufacturing capacity by the decade’s end, the Italian minister lauded the Silicon Box project as a pioneering initiative. Echoing the objectives laid out by the Chips Act and the Italian strategy for microelectronics, this endeavor is viewed as a significant leap towards realizing these aspirations.

As Silicon Box gears up for this monumental project in Italy, it also hints at future expansions not just within Europe, but across the globe. This forward-looking approach mirrors the company’s commitment to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the semiconductor industry, ensuring access to cutting-edge technology for diverse applications worldwide.

Alex Sterling
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