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SingleInterface: Revolutionizing Digital Landscape through Hyperlocal Marketing Software, Secures $30M Funding


Marketing SaaS Startup SingleInterface Secures $30 Mn in Funding Led by Asia Partners

In a significant development for the digital marketing and SaaS industry, SingleInterface, a leading hyperlocal marketing-to-commerce software platform, has successfully raised $30 million in its first-ever external fundraising endeavor. This substantial financial injection was led by Asia Partners, a prestigious growth equity investment firm based in Singapore, with valuable participation from PayPal Ventures.

The funds acquired in this round will be strategically utilized by SingleInterface to reinforce its dominant position within its sector in Asia, while also setting sights on expanding its global footprint. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to enhancing its extensive range of hyperlocal marketing, engagement, and commerce solutions as part of its ongoing mission to revolutionize the digital landscape for businesses worldwide.

SingleInterface was founded by the visionary duo of Tarun Sobhani and Harish Bahl, who brought with them a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. The platform stands out for offering an integrated suite of products that streamline digital marketing, customer engagement, and e-commerce activities for multi-location enterprise brands.

Operating from its headquarters in Gurugram, SingleInterface has made a significant impact by increasing brands’ visibility at critical consumer decision-making junctures. The platform specializes in enhancing discovery, driving customer engagement, managing feedback, and providing omnichannel experiences that are key to modern-day business success.

The company’s clientele is impressive and diverse, featuring over 400 multi-location brands from sectors such as food and beverage, retail, automotive, telecommunications, banking, and education. Currently, SingleInterface’s innovative services extend across Asia and the Middle East, helping brands navigate the complexities of digital consumer engagement.

Chief Executive, Tarun Sobhani, underlined the transformative impact of SingleInterface’s product suite, noting its capacity to significantly boost revenue growth for clients—accounting for 15-20% of their revenues in some instances. This remarkable feat underscores the effectiveness of the company’s solutions and its potential to reshape the digital marketing landscape. Sobhani further elaborated on the company’s investment in the development of AI-driven marketing and commerce enabling products, marking a step towards the future of intelligent digital marketing solutions.

Boasting a decade of operational excellence, SingleInterface remarkably claims to be serving more than 400 million local businesses across the globe. This achievement not only illustrates the platform’s scalability and efficiency but also its profound influence in empowering businesses to achieve digital success.

With this significant round of funding, SingleInterface is poised to scale new heights in the digital marketing arena. The company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence has set it on a path of remarkable growth and industry leadership, marking an exciting chapter in the evolution of hyperlocal marketing and commerce.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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