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Sohar Freezone’s Technological Leap: A Journey towards Sustainability with Revolutionary Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plant


Sohar Freezone Embarks on a Sustainable Journey with a New Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plant

In a significant move towards sustainable industrial development, SOHAR Port and Freezone has inked a land lease agreement with Starsun Sohar (FZC) for the establishment of a pioneering recycling plant. This plant marks a milestone in the sustainable management of lead-acid batteries within the SOHAR Freezone, reflecting the commitment of SOHAR Port and Freezone to the principles of the circular economy in the Sultanate of Oman.

The new facility comes with an investment of $3 million USD and will span over 7000 m2. It is set to be equipped with the latest recycling technologies aimed at extracting valuable materials from locally used batteries. The plant boasts a projected production capacity of 1000 tons per month. Moreover, it intends to export lead ingots, lead oxide, and red lead oxide to prominent markets such as India, China, Korea, and various European countries. These products will be traded on the prestigious London Metal Exchange, thereby enhancing SOHAR’s position in global trade dynamics.

This collaboration between SOHAR Freezone and Starsun Sohar SFZ is a testament to the potential of repurposing industrial waste into valuable resources. It also demonstrates a concerted effort towards creating a sustainable economic ecosystem. Mr. Israil Khan, Chief Managing Director of Starsun Sohar, expressed excitement about the project’s prospects, “This agreement with SOHAR Freezone unlocks promising opportunities for investors. With the strategic advantages offered by SOHAR Freezone and its continual development, we are poised to open new avenues for economic growth and advance the technology in lead-acid battery recycling.”

Omar bin Mahmood Al Mahrizi, CEO of SOHAR Freezone and Deputy CEO of SOHAR Port, shared his insights on the significance of the new recycling plant, “The establishment of this recycling facility, the third of its kind in SOHAR Freezone, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to circular economy principles. It showcases our dedication to sustainable industrial practices, where waste serves as the foundation for generating valuable resources. This initiative not only fosters a greener economy but also strengthens the resilience of our economic ecosystem. Through strategic industrial synergy, we aim to leverage the collective strengths of our partners to drive positive change in the industry and pioneer the transition towards a sustainable and greener future.”

About SOHAR Port and Freezone

SOHAR Port and Freezone stands as one of the world’s rapidly growing ports, capitalizing on its strategic geographic positioning to bolster its service offerings. A joint venture between the expertise of the Port of Rotterdam and the government of the Sultanate of Oman, represented by ASYAD, SOHAR is highlighted among the Sultanate’s mega-projects. It hosts logistics, petrochemicals, and metal clusters, including the region’s first dedicated agri-terminal. Over two decades of operation, SOHAR has emerged as the premier gateway for Oman’s import and export activities, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP and supporting nearly 26,000 direct and indirect jobs. With a steadfast commitment to sustainable development and the deployment of cutting-edge technology, SOHAR is at the forefront of modernizing the Sultanate’s logistics infrastructure and aligning with the economic diversification goals outlined in Oman’s 2040 Vision.

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