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SpendConsole Expands to Dubai: Tapping into the Growing Demand for AI-Driven AP Automation Solutions


SpendConsole Opens Dubai Office Amid Surging Demand For AI-Driven, AP Automation Solutions

In a significant move marking its expansion into the Middle East, SpendConsole, a leader in enterprise AI-powered Accounts Payable (AP) automation from Australia, announced the opening of a new office in Dubai. This strategic establishment comes in response to the growing demand for sophisticated AI-driven AP automation solutions, further underscored by the company’s recent partnership with a major tea company within the region.

The global landscape for e-invoicing is witnessing a transformative phase, spurred by increasing government initiatives aimed at mandating the use of electronic invoicing, and the rising threat of cyber-attacks and frauds. Reports forecast the global e-invoicing market to skyrocket, potentially reaching upwards of AU$71.57 billion by the year 2030. Notably, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is proactively contributing to this shift through a comprehensive two-phase e-invoicing mandate expected to commence in July 2025.

Dubai’s ambition to transition to a paperless government by 2021 has played a pivotal role in propelling the region towards embracing digital transformation comprehensively. This objective aligns seamlessly with the imminent B2B e-invoicing mandate, positioning the UAE as a pioneer in the digital transformation domain.

With its new hub in Dubai, SpendConsole is poised to offer its profound expertise in e-invoicing, compliant with the regional regulatory frameworks, to local businesses. Abid Ali, the esteemed CEO and Founder of SpendConsole, shared his excitement about the venture into the Middle Eastern market, stating, “The establishment of our Dubai office not only signifies our commitment to this vibrant market but also positions us at the forefront of the region’s digital transformation journey. Through the integration of our cutting-edge enterprise AI solutions, we aim to redefine financial processes, driving operational excellence and sustained success for our clients in the Middle East.”

SpendConsole’s repute as a Certified PEPPOL Access Point and its accreditations from prestigious bodies like SAP®, Microsoft®, the ATO, and the New Zealand Taxation Office underline its capability to ensure seamless integration and compliance within complex regulatory environments. The company’s portfolio boasts collaborations with leading enterprises and institutions across Australia, New Zealand, and now the Middle East, including prestigious government clients and private sector giants, underscoring its expertise in unlocking the full potential of AP and Finance teams.

About SpendConsole

Leading the charge in enterprise AI-powered Accounts Payable (AP) automation, SpendConsole sets a new standard in AP solutions. By harnessing the power of AI, the company offers unparalleled services in streamlining AP processes, enhancing compliance, and safeguarding against fraud. SpendConsole empowers organizations to elevate their financial operations, ensuring efficiency and compliance with an effortless approach. Trusted by a broad spectrum of clients, from government sectors to leading enterprises across the ANZ region and beyond, SpendConsole stands as the premier choice for secure and sophisticated AP operations.

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