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Spurring Economic Growth in Lithuania: Three Major Investment Projects with Over 500 Job Opportunities Unveiled


EIMIN: Three Major Projects Launched in Lithuania Will Create Over 500 New Jobs

Lithuania’s Ministry of the Economy and Innovation recently announced the initiation of three significant investment projects, courtesy of collaborations with JPackaging, JPresswood, and Vengast Investment Limited. These ventures, receiving major investment project status, signify a substantial advancement in Lithuania’s efforts to fortify its regional economies.

Minister of the Economy and Innovation, Aušrinė Armonaitė, highlighted the scale of these undertakings, stating, “Three more companies will invest more than €189.6 million in new projects that will contribute to strengthening our country’s regions. In total, we have now signed contracts for fourteen major investment projects, which will create 3,951 jobs and attract more than €1.25 billion in investments.”

One of the projects, spearheaded by JPackaging, involves constructing a plant in the Radviliskis district municipality. The facility will focus on using sawn timber to manufacture pallets and pallet collars, emphasizing lean production processes and the extension of the wood’s useful life. With an investment of €20 million, this project is expected to generate 150 new jobs.

JPresswood is set to embark on a venture in Marijampolė, aiming to establish a factory equipped for the efficient use of raw materials to facilitate zero waste production. The production line will include pressed blocks and fiberboard insulation cotton, reflecting an investment of €110 million and the creation of another 150 jobs.

Vengast Investment Limited’s project in the Kėdainiai FEZ entails the construction of a pet food production factory. This €59.6 million investment will see the development of new factory spaces and the procurement of cutting-edge equipment designed for the optimal use of raw materials. The initiative is projected to create 201 new positions.

These projects are part of the Major Investment Projects Initiative, which aims to simplify and expedite the process for investors to establish operations in Lithuania. This initiative not only offers quicker setup times but also provides significant incentives for the municipalities involved.

Introduced by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation in 2021, the Green Corridor initiative facilitates these investments. It grants projects national importance status and a 0% corporate tax rate for up to 20 years, thus encouraging substantial economic development. Highlighting the impact of this strategy, Deputy Minister of the Economy and Innovation, Karolis Žemaitis, stated, “We are already seeing the results of the project – high value-added jobs are being created, and a significant number of investments have been attracted.”

With revised criteria for large projects effective from 1 July, the initiative mandates that a large company create between 20 and 149 new jobs (20 to 199 in Vilnius) with wages at least 1.25 times the municipality’s average where the investment occurs. This strategic shift aims to bolster economic growth and job creation across Lithuania, marking a significant step towards sustainable national development.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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