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Startup Mahakumbh: Empowering Innovation and Global Reach in Biotech Sector through Techbio Approach


Startup Mahakumbh: Igniting Innovation and Global Growth in the Biotech Sector

India’s startup ecosystem celebrated its most significant event yet with the commencement of the Startup Mahakumbh at Bharat Mandapam. This three-day event, which began with an inaugural address from Rajesh Kumar Singh, Secretary, DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, sets a vibrant stage for collaboration, inspiration, and transformative discussions within the nation’s startup community. Prominent figures such as Amitabh Kant, G20 Sherpa & Former CEO, NITI Aayog, alongside key members of the organizing committee, marked their presence, underscoring the event’s importance.

The first day of Startup Mahakumbh unfolded with a series of activities and insightful sessions across ten innovative pavilions, encompassing sectors such as AI + SaaS, Fintech, Agritech, Deep Tech, and more. Among these, the Biotech pavilion stood out for its focus on evolving from innovation to creating intellectual property that contributes to national development. Professor Vijay Chandru, a figurehead in biotechnology, emphasized the crucial shift towards a blend of knowledge and utility post-pandemic. He highlighted synthetic biology and its pivotal role in propelling us towards a ‘Techbio’ driven future.

A notable highlight was the panel discussion on “Startups Go Global: Conquering New Markets as a Startup,” which lauded the government’s efforts in providing a platform for startups aiming for global expansion. The discussion centered around the transformative approach of Techbio – combining engineering with biology, pointing out how Indian startups are making significant strides in global markets. Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed, Director and CEO of C-CAMP, echoed the sentiment, praising the conducive environment for startups to thrive internationally and the revolutionary impact of Techbio on the biotech industry. The panelists also underlined the importance of establishing the right global collaborations for startups to succeed worldwide.

Further emphasizing global ambitions, a talk on “Taking Products to National/Global Markets” shed light on the necessity for startups to innovate collaboratively to achieve success beyond borders. This was just one example of the many discussions aimed at fostering an environment of growth and expansion for startups.

The event attracted heavyweight unicorn sponsors like Games 24X7, Oyo, and Info Edge, reflecting the considerable interest from top-tier companies in supporting the startup ecosystem. In addition to sponsorship, the event was a melting pot of opportunity for startups to connect with numerous event partners, ranging from Dalmia Bharat & Google to Acko and the Indian School of Business, among others, showcasing the collaborative spirit of the Indian startup community.

Startup Mahakumbh positions itself not just as an event, but as a catalyst for innovation, offering a unique platform for startups aiming to make a mark on both national and global stages. As the event unfolds, it promises more enriching discussions, impactful collaborations, and the shaping of a future where technology and innovation lead the way towards a thriving startup ecosystem in India.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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