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stc Bahrain Collaborates with inspireU to Launch Digital Innovation Accelerator Program


stc Bahrain Teams up with inspireU for Launch of InspireU General Program in Bahrain

In a significant move towards fostering digital innovation and entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Bahrain, stc Bahrain has joined hands with inspireU from stc to launch the inspireU accelerator general program in Bahrain. This pioneering program is part of the stc Group’s broader initiative to cultivate a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, in alignment with Bahrain’s vision 2030. By extending support to startups and entrepreneurs, stc Bahrain underscores its dedication to driving the nation’s economic and digital transformation.

The inspireU accelerator, originally kickstarted in Saudi Arabia by stc Group in 2015, stands as the conglomerate’s first corporate incubator/accelerator dedicated to propelling ICT/digital innovation. Thanks to its success, inspireU made its way to Kuwait earlier in 2023, and now, it sets its sight on Bahrain. The program has left a remarkable footprint, investing over 1 Billion SAR and nurturing more than 110 digital startups. These ventures have collectively benefited over 50 million users, generated upwards of 660,000 job opportunities, and marked a staggering 15 Billion SAR in market value from investments and financial transactions.

Khalid Al Osaimi, the Chief Executive Officer of stc Bahrain, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, viewing it as a stride towards nurturing local SMEs in a growth-conducive environment. He emphasized the program’s potential to redefine Bahrain’s startup landscape, boost the digital economy, create employment opportunities, and support local content by nurturing entrepreneurial ventures into thriving businesses.

Abdulrahman Alzuhair, Head of inspireU, highlighted the region’s rich pool of promising talents as a significant reason for the program’s introduction in Bahrain. He assured that inspireU is committed to accelerating and enabling innovative businesses by providing comprehensive support and facilitating opportunities for expansion within the Saudi market through strategic partnerships with stc group and its affiliates.

The inspireU general program is tailor-made to inspire entrepreneurship, enable innovation, and empower innovators across Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain. It extends financial support, consultancy, logistical services, and an intensive training program led by top-notch experts and consultants from Silicon Valley. Participants engage in an array of workshops and meetings with a network of entrepreneurs and mentors, gaining invaluable insights and guidance.

Moreover, startups receive myriad development and networking opportunities, including integrations with affiliated companies and chances to showcase their innovations at numerous events, workshops, and both national and international exhibitions. Ultimately, inspireU aims to connect startups with leading investors and investment funds, catalyzing their growth trajectories.

Entrepreneurs and startups interested in seizing this golden opportunity are encouraged to apply through the available application form on stc Bahrain’s website. For more information, aspiring participants can visit the inspireU websites.

This initiative by stc Bahrain and inspireU embodies a shared commitment to enriching the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Bahrain and beyond, promising a future brimming with innovation, digital advancement, and economic prosperity.

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