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Strengthening Egypt’s Real Estate Market: Emaar Alex Developments and SIA Business Development Sign EGP 4bln Sales and Marketing Agreement for La Baia Sidi Abdel Rahman


Emaar Alex Developments and SIA Business Development Sign a EGP 4bln Agreement for the Sale and Marketing of La Baia Sidi Abdel Rahman

In a significant move to bolster their footprint in the Egyptian real estate sector, Emaar Alex Developments and SIA Business Development have solidified their collaboration through the signing of agreements focused on the management, sale, and marketing of the La Baia Sidi Abdel Rahman project. This venture represents a substantial investment of 4 billion Egyptian pounds, aiming to enhance both entities’ market presence.

Mohamed Elhanash, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Emaar Alex Developments, shared insights into the project’s scale, revealing that the investment in La Baia Sidi Abdel Rahman spans an impressive 4 billion EGP over three years. The project is structured to roll out in three phases, ensuring a structured and efficient delivery timeline.

From SIA Business Development, CEO Ahmed El-Haddad highlighted the company’s significant growth in the current year, with investment volumes escalating to approximately 7 billion EGP. This marks a notable increase compared to the company’s performance in the preceding year. SIA Business Development is well-regarded for its comprehensive expertise in the development, management, and marketing of varied real estate projects, encompassing sectors such as residential, tourism, and commercial endeavors.

The company boasts a rich portfolio of collaborations, which includes residential projects under the Ministry of Housing and tourist developments along Egypt’s enchanting coastlines – featuring locations like Ras Sedr, Ain Sokhna, the North Coast, and Sharm El Sheikh. Beyond these, SIA is actively involved in creating and managing a range of commercial, administrative, medical, and tourism centers across strategic locations such as the New Administrative Capital and the Fifth Settlement, each emblazoned with the distinctive SIA mark.

Highlighting the importance of this partnership, Sayed El-Roubi, a founding member of SIA Business Development, emphasized the strategic alignment between Emaar Alex Developments and SIA. He pointed out that Emaar Alex Developments commands a strong position in the realm of real estate development, backed by a successful track record. Meanwhile, SIA is celebrated for its pioneering role in the development, management, and marketing of real estate projects, equipped with deep industry knowledge and expertise. This collaboration is poised for significant achievements, leveraging the combined strengths and capabilities of both companies.

The partnership between Emaar Alex Developments and SIA Business Development underscores a mutual recognition of the value of specialization. SIA’s proficiency in real estate development, management, and marketing is set to synergize with Emaar Alex’s reputation and reach, promising to elevate the business profile of both entities. The La Baia Sidi Abdel Rahman project, with its compelling design, competitive pricing, and enviable location, stands as a testament to the strengths of this collaboration, poised to make a marked impact on the Egyptian real estate landscape.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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