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Strengthening Legal Bonds: Qatar and Lebanon’s Bar Associations Forge New Collaborations for Judicial Growth and Mutual Investments


In a significant development aimed at bolstering the legal and judicial cooperation between Qatar and Lebanon, the Bar Associations of both countries have recently engaged in pivotal discussions. This initiative seeks to strengthen the judicial system and facilitate mutual investments, marking a new chapter in the collaboration between these two nations.

The talks, held in Doha, were led by Mubarak Al-Sulaiti, President of the Qatari Bar Association, and Amin Salam, Lebanon’s caretaker Minister of Economy and Trade. The focus was on enhancing cooperation among lawyers, legal organizations, and professional federations, aiming to consolidate the legal framework and support between Qatar and Lebanon.

Amin Salam emphasized the importance of this cooperation, stating, “The lawyer is the protector of justice and independence. Out of belief in the necessity of the Bar Association’s presence at any event to facilitate exchanges of a legal nature, we took this step to crown the brotherly relationship between Lebanon and Qatar.” This initiative is expected to foster a bright future for both countries by sharing rich and solid experiences in the legal field.

The discussions concluded with the initiation of mutual cooperation, setting the groundwork for future collaboration in legal matters and investment opportunities. Salam highlighted the potential impact of this cooperation on mutual investments and stressed the importance of establishing a solid foundation for law and justice to strengthen confidence in the judiciary.

Detailing the advantages of investing in Lebanon, Salam pointed out factors such as the low cost of Lebanese labor, the availability of skilled young resources, reasonable taxes, and the freedom of financial transfer to and from Lebanon. He also mentioned Lebanon’s efforts to keep up with digital advancements and electronic governance to achieve transparency.

Transparency remains a challenge for Lebanon, currently ranked 149 out of 180 in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. The country’s political and economic crises, highlighted by the absence of accountability following the 2020 Beirut port explosion and the inability to elect a president since October 2022, underscore the urgency for reforms.

Qatar’s role in supporting Lebanon extends beyond legal cooperation. The Gulf state has been a key player in diplomatic efforts regarding the Lebanese presidency file and has provided substantial economic aid to Lebanon amid its ongoing crisis. This includes purchasing $500 million of Lebanese bonds in 2019, delivering emergency aid following the Beirut port explosion, and supporting reconstruction efforts after the 2006 war.

In 2023, the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) completed its commitment to supply Lebanon with essential fuel under a $30 million agreement. This gesture of solidarity is part of a series of aid packages aimed at supporting the Lebanese Army and critical government services, demonstrating the depth of Qatar’s support to Lebanon during these challenging times.

The collaboration between Qatar and Lebanon’s Bar Associations is a testament to the enduring friendship and mutual respect between the two countries. By enhancing legal ties, they aim to create a more stable and prosperous future for both nations, emphasizing the importance of justice, transparency, and cooperation in overcoming challenges and achieving growth.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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