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Sunrise Medical: A Strategic Plan for IPO, Debt Reduction and Market Expansion


Sunrise Medical Gears Up For Frankfurt Listing Amid Market Sentiment Rise

Amidst a positive turn in market sentiment, Sunrise Medical, a leading German wheelchair manufacturer, is gearing up for a significant move. The company has announced plans for a private placement on the Frankfurt Exchange with the aim of raising €240 million ($261 million). This strategic step is part of a broader intention to offer up a stake from its private equity owner, Nordic Capital.


This move is not just about capital raising; it’s a strategic endeavor aimed at optimizing Sunrise Medical’s financial structure. Specifically, the company is looking to markedly reduce its net debt, which currently stands at 4.1 times its adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) as of March 2024. The targeted post-listing ratio is a more sustainable 2.5 times, with sights set on crossing below the 2 times threshold in the exceeding medium term. The financial reshuffle is expected to free up significant resources, enabling Sunrise Medical to navigate and expand in its market with greater agility.

Sunrise Medical’s Chief Financial Officer highlighted the company’s aspirations for a 30% to 40% free float post-listing. This approach aligns well with the current momentum observed in the European markets, showcasing a surge in stock offerings that includes names like Galderma and Puig. This context places Sunrise Medical in a bustling arena of IPOs, signaling a possibly wider-reaching recovery or renaissance in European market valuations and investor confidence.

The backdrop to Sunrise Medical’s initiative is a rehabilitation sector that’s not only growing but also proving remarkably resilient. The company’s operational portfolio is spread across 23 countries, employing more than 2,800 people worldwide. The fiscal year ending June 2023 has been particularly fruitful for Sunrise Medical, with sales reaching €636 million and adjusted EBITDA standing at €118 million. These figures are indicative of a robust operational framework and a strategically sound market orientation.

Driving the sector’s growth, and by extension Sunrise Medical’s market, are the shifting demographics of global populations. The aging population alongside an enhanced societal focus on inclusion for people with disabilities constitute key factors propelling demand for rehabilitation products and services. This demand alignment speaks volumes about the future trajectory of Sunrise Medical’s market segment, suggesting a steady, if not booming, path ahead.

In conclusion, Sunrise Medical’s upcoming listing on the Frankfurt Exchange is more than just a financial maneuver. It is a testament to the company’s solid position within a growing, resilient market. The strategic lowering of net debt and the implementation of a strong financial groundwork post-listing could very well serve as a beacon for other companies considering public offerings. With an eye on the long-term investment opportunities in industries servicing the aging and disabled populations, Sunrise Medical’s move might just herald a new era of robust health and growth for sector-specific public listings.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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