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Surge in New-Age Tech Stocks Kickstarts FY25: Tracxn Emerges as the Biggest Winner


New-Age Tech Stocks Surge In The First Week Of FY25, Tracxn The Biggest Gainer

The initial week of FY25 saw a remarkable rally in Indian new-age tech stocks amidst a broader market upswing. A significant majority of these avant-garde companies noted impressive gains, positioning Tracxn Technologies as the front-runner.

With a broad uptick in the market, the Nifty50 and Sensex indices closed the week with a respective increase of 0.8%, heralding a positive outlook for the future. In this flourishing landscape, 16 out of the 19 tech firms under scrutiny showcased appreciable gains ranging between 0.6% to 20% on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Among the standout achievers were DroneAcharya and PB Fintech, showcasing remarkable surges of 17% and 13.8% respectively. Not far behind, CarTrade Technologies and EaseMyTrip also displayed commendable progress alongside Zomato and Paytm, all contributing to the market’s buoyancy.

However, not all shared this upward trajectory; Nazara Technologies saw a minor dip, while RateGain and IndiaMART faced more significant declines.

The week also hailed the advent of TAC Infosec on the NSE Emerge platform, making a striking entrance with a 173.6% premium over its issue price. This marked a promising initiation for the cybersecurity startup, drawing considerable attention.

Despite a strong start, market fluctuations ensued, driven by external factors such as rising US bond yields, crude oil prices, and geopolitical tensions. Furthermore, the Reserve Bank of India’s decision to maintain the repo rate at 6.50%, coupled with concerns over food inflation and weather conditions, introduced a measure of volatility.

Analysts are now directing their focus towards the upcoming Q4 earnings season, with keen anticipation surrounding corporate disclosures and global economic events. This shift is expected to foster a more detailed market analysis and possibly, a consolidation with highlighted stock-specific actions.

Examining the performance of these tech firms more closely, the combined market capitalization of the covered stocks saw a notable increase, mirroring the sector’s growth potential. Even amid this week’s early volatility, certain companies like Zomato achieved new heights, reflecting resilience and investor confidence. Brokerage firm Bernstein, in particular, emphasized Zomato’s competitive edge and expanding market share, hinting at a bullish outlook for the food tech giant.

On the fintech frontier, PB Fintech’s shares soared to a peak not seen since their market debut, riding on a nearly 14% rally. This surge is attributed to the company’s recent investor meetings and despite facing a tax penalty, the firm’s stock performance indicates strong investor faith and a positive trajectory.

Conversely, IndiaMART’s shares took the opposite route, closing the week as one of the few decliners among the tech firms. Despite some internal restructuring, the company’s stock seems to have entered a phase of consolidation, with potential downward pressure should it breach certain support levels.

The varying fortunes of these new-age tech companies underscore the dynamic nature of the stock market, influenced by a myriad of factors ranging from internal corporate developments to external global events. As we progress further into FY25, the tech sector remains a focal point for investors, analysts, and industry watchers, all eager to chart its evolving trajectory.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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