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Svolt’s Thai Battery Plant Kickstarts Mass Production: An Advancement in Global Expansion Efforts


Battery Maker Svolt’s Thai Plant Begins Mass Production

Svolt Energy Technology, a notable player in the battery manufacturing industry and a subsidiary of the automotive giant Great Wall Motor, has marked a significant milestone with the commencement of mass production at its plant based in Sriracha, Chonburi, Thailand. This event, which took place on Wednesday, signals a strategic advancement in Svolt’s global expansion efforts.

The construction of the Thai plant, which began in July 2023, is a key component of Svolt’s ambitious plans to extend its global footprint and meet the growing demand for electric vehicle (EV) batteries. The company has announced that it has already started delivering its products, which are poised to be integrated into New Energy Vehicle (NEV) models produced by Great Wall Motor, as well as Neta, a rising brand from the Chinese NEV startup Hozon.

Characterized by their 60 kW/h capacity, Svolt’s battery packs are designed to empower electric vehicles with the ability to cover distances exceeding 500 km on a single charge. For the ongoing year, the company has set a target to deliver approximately 20,000 of these battery packs, illustrating its commitment towards ramping up production capabilities to meet market needs.

The establishment of the Thailand facility represents a collaborative venture between Svolt’s local Thai subsidiary and Banpu NEXT, which operates under the umbrella of the international energy conglomerate, Banpu Group. This partnership underscores a mutual commitment to innovation and sustainability in the energy sector.

Further cementing this partnership, Svolt recently announced that it has entered a strategic cooperation agreement with Banpu NEXT. This collaboration aims to expand their joint efforts in several key areas, including energy storage, battery cell production, and recycling initiatives. Through these endeavors, Svolt and Banpu NEXT are not only seeking to enhance their operational capabilities but also to contribute towards the development of eco-friendly and sustainable energy solutions.

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, Svolt Energy Technology has its origins as the power battery division of Great Wall Motor, where it embarked on power battery research and development initiatives back in 2012. Today, as it celebrates the commencement of mass production at its Thai plant, Svolt continues to leverage its expertise and innovation to make strides in the global energy and automotive markets.

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