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Taking a Break at 30,000 Feet: Mother’s Controversial Decision to Fly Business Class and Leave Baby in Economy


I Left My Baby in Economy While I Flew Business – It Was My Only Way to Relax

Flying long-haul with a baby is a daunting experience for many parents, but for one mother, a decision she made on a recent flight has sparked a wide array of reactions and discussions online. The mum, Ellis Cochlin, has been the topic of conversation after she chose to fly business class, leaving her 11-month-old daughter in economy with her partner.

For Ellis, the notion of enjoying a flight without her baby was like “music to her ears.” This was not an ordinary flight; she was traveling from Paris to Los Angeles, a journey that spans over 11 hours. As someone who frequently flies long-haul with her baby, the prospect of some alone time at the front of the plane was too tempting to resist.

The decision came after her partner volunteered to take on the majority of the childcare responsibilities during the flight. This arrangement meant Ellis could enjoy the luxuries of business class, while her daughter and partner remained in economy. The British family, now based in the U.S., often travels back to the UK with their daughter, Prim, making flying a significant part of their lives.

“In our relationship, what we decide to spend money on is completely different,” Ellis shared in a now-viral TikTok video. She has a penchant for jewelry and the finer experiences in life, like flying business class, while her partner, Rob, prefers spending on experiences like dining out. For Ellis, flying without the immediate responsibilities of caring for her baby felt “amazing.”

Ellis’ unusual decision prompted mixed reactions online, with some calling her choices “a bit strange” and “shocking.” Despite the criticism, she defended her decision, emphasizing that her partner had specifically offered her this opportunity for relaxation. It was an offer she felt she couldn’t refuse, given the numerous times she’s had to fly long haul with her baby on her own.

The conversation quickly spread, with Ellis’ video garnering over 350,000 views. Commentators on the platform shared varied opinions. “A bit strange but each to their own,” remarked one user, while another suggested that parental responsibilities should be shared equally. Ellis responded by highlighting that her partner willingly offered her the opportunity to have a relaxing flight, underscoring that she didn’t see an issue with accepting it.

However, not all feedback was critical. Many jumped to Ellis’ defense, arguing that she deserved some time to herself. “Why are people giving hate?” questioned another user, pointing out that women should be able to enjoy time away from their baby without feeling guilty.

This story opens up broader conversations about parenting, partnership, and the judgments often placed on mothers’ choices. Ellis’ decision to enjoy a moment of peace in business class while her partner cared for their baby in economy might not be conventional, but it highlights the importance of self-care and support within a relationship. As opinions continue to be shared, one thing is clear: Parenting is a journey that looks different for everyone, and sometimes, unconventional choices are part of that voyage.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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