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Tambourine Triumphs with Eight Platinum Viddy Awards: A Testimony to Video Production Excellence


Tambourine Honored with 8 Platinum Viddy Awards

In an impressive demonstration of skill and creativity, Tambourine, a premier hospitality marketing agency with its base in Fort Lauderdale, has recently been the recipient of eight platinum Viddy Awards, one of the industry’s most prestigious recognitions for video production excellence. This notable success underscores Tambourine’s commitment to delivering exceptional marketing solutions for hotels, resorts, and tourism destinations around the globe.

The Viddy Awards, esteemed for acknowledging outstanding achievements in video production, are managed and evaluated by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), ensuring that only the highest standards of creativity and production quality are honored.

The awards were bestowed upon a selection of videos crafted by the Tambourine Photo and Video Production Division, marking a significant accomplishment for the team and spotlighting their exceptional talent in bringing compelling narratives to life through visual storytelling.

Laura Galindo, Associate Creative Director at Tambourine, expressed gratitude and shared the victory with the agency’s clients, stating, “We celebrate these awards with our wonderful clients. Their trust in our content production team is a testament to the true partnerships we’ve built over the years.” This acknowledgment not only highlights the creative and technical prowess of Tambourine’s team but also reinforces the strong collaborative relationships the agency maintains with its clientele.

Tambourine has been at the forefront of the hospitality marketing industry since 1994, continually pushing the envelope with innovative, custom-integrated marketing solutions that elevate demand, revenue, and brand visibility for their clients. The agency’s dedication to excellence in customer service, groundbreaking hotel website design, and effective digital marketing strategies has firmly established Tambourine as a leader for both branded and independent hotels worldwide.

This accolade of eight platinum Viddy Awards is a testament to Tambourine’s relentless pursuit of excellence and its unwavering commitment to helping its clients achieve and exceed their marketing objectives. Through its creative and strategic endeavors, Tambourine not only sets the bar high for the industry but also ensures that its clients stand out in a highly competitive market.

For those interested in learning more about Tambourine and its award-winning services, a visit to their official website would provide comprehensive insights into how they continue to innovate and lead in the hospitality marketing space.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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