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Trailblazing in Tech: The Inspiring Journey of Suvita Charanwong and Her Advocacy for Women in Business


Suvita Charanwong: Women Should Voice How They Wish to Be Treated

In the realm of marketing and business, the influence of social media and the power of influencers have become undeniable forces shaping consumer behavior and industry trends. Among the trailblazers in this space, Suvita Charanwong has emerged as a pioneering figure, embodying the nexus of marketing technology and social media influence. As the CEO and co-founder of Tellscore, a groundbreaking Martech startup, Suvita has navigated the complexities of being a woman in the tech industry while also carving out a space for other aspiring women to follow. Her journey is not just a story of personal achievement but a testament to the evolving role of women in technology and business.

Reflecting on her career, Suvita recalls the landscape just a few years ago when the idea of an influencer was still burgeoning. The concept was novel, and its impact on business and consumer behavior was largely uncharted territory. Fast forward to today, influencers are integral to the marketing strategies of virtually every industry, validating Suvita’s early foray and solidifying her position as a top influencer, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.

Necessary Qualities to Succeed

Despite her achievements and recognition, Suvita remains grounded, eschewing the label of success in favor of viewing it as a continuous journey. In sharing the qualities that have been pivotal to her journey, she underscores the importance of broad thinking and perpetual learning. For Suvita, being well-informed and willing to engage deeply with challenges is crucial. Execution, she stresses, is key; diving into the minutiae and elevating those details to achieve one’s purpose is a philosophy she lives by.

Another cornerstone of her approach is the cultivation of a respectful and collaborative team environment. Tellscore operates with a horizontal organizational structure, valuing every team member’s contribution equally, regardless of their position. “I respect every team member, senior or junior, because I believe they contribute the most toward our success,” Suvita explains. Her humility and team-centric perspective underscore a belief in collective achievement over individual accolades.

This ethos not only propels Suvita and her team forward but also serves as a beacon for women navigating the tech and business landscape. The message is clear: voice your ambitions, engage deeply with your work, and nurture a supportive community. Success, in Suvita’s view, is a shared endeavor, crafted from the collective efforts and mutual respect of every team member.

Suvita Charanwong’s journey and insights offer a compelling narrative for women in technology and business. By advocating for broad thinking, continuous learning, and the importance of voicing how one wishes to be treated, she not only charts a path for her own success but lights the way for others to follow.

Alex Sterling
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