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Transforming Child Care in New Mexico: An Innovative Online Training Program for Home-Based Providers


Transforming Child Care in New Mexico: The Launch of an Online Training Program for At-Home Providers

New Mexico faces a significant challenge in meeting the child care needs of its residents, with availability falling short of demand across the state. This situation, often referred to as a child care desert, may see a much-needed shift thanks to innovative efforts aimed at increasing the number of home-based child care providers.

A pivotal initiative in this transformation is the collaboration between the New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department and Wonderschool, a company providing critical technology and support services. This partnership aims to guide aspiring providers through the process of establishing home-based child care centers, marking a significant step towards addressing the state’s child care shortage.

This development is part of a broader movement fueled by substantial state funding increases and a constitutional amendment passed in 2022, dedicated to bolstering early childhood education. These efforts are designed not only to expand access to child care but also to cultivate a robust workforce capable of delivering these essential services.

Highlighting the challenges faced by prospective providers, Darcy Heath, a senior manager at Wonderschool, points out that an online course initially offered to potential providers needed reevaluation. Recognizing the hurdles such as internet access and technological barriers, Wonderschool evolved its program to include real-time Zoom courses and one-on-one coaching through what is now known as Wonderschool Academy. This spring, an eight-week, New Mexico-specific academy is being launched to better serve the needs of the community.

Wonderschool’s training goes beyond child development basics, focusing on the business aspects of running a home-based child care center. This includes navigating licensing processes, record-keeping, taxation, and effective communication with families. Such comprehensive training is crucial in empowering providers to offer reliable and quality child care services, particularly in rural areas where home-based care is often the most viable option.

Supporting providers further, Wonderschool offers financial assistance with licensing, insurance, and startup costs, along with ongoing assistance after licensure. The company’s commitment extends to its innovative child care finder tool, akin to digital platforms like Yelp or Airbnb. This online tool enhances parents’ ability to find suitable child care options and enables providers to manage their services efficiently.

The response from the provider community has been overwhelmingly positive, with many utilizing Wonderschool’s online platform extensively. The comprehensive support offered by Wonderschool, from the initial training academies to the child care finder tool, holds significant promise in addressing the child care gap in New Mexico.

Despite recent progress, the need for quality child care, especially for infants and toddlers, remains pressing. Data indicates that a large percentage of young children in New Mexico are not enrolled in any educational programs, underscoring the urgent need to expand the child care infrastructure further.

By enhancing visibility and accessibility to careers in child care, and leveraging increased funding to the field, New Mexico aims to not only address its immediate child care shortage but also establish a sustainable, long-term solution that supports both providers and families.

As these initiatives continue to unfold, the hope is that more individuals will be inspired to pursue careers in child care, contributing to a future where every child in New Mexico has access to the nurturing and educational environments they deserve.

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