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Transforming Real Estate: Highlighting India’s Proptech Program and the Graduation of 5 Innovative Startups


Transforming Real Estate: India’s Leading Proptech Program Successfully Concludes Cohort II with Speed Scaling 5 Incredible Startups

In a remarkable event at Kaze, Bengaluru, the second edition of India’s foremost proptech speed scaling program, Gruhas Aspire, concluded with the successful graduation of five enterprising startups. This completion marks a significant milestone in these startups’ journey, having undergone six months of exhaustive mentorship and speed scaling efforts. The program, initiated by Gruhas, DLF Family Office, and Anthill Ventures, is aimed at fostering innovation through sustainability in the proptech sector.

During their time in the accelerator, the selected startups were provided with invaluable feedback from industry experts, enabling them to refine their business models and enhance their pitches to investors. Furthermore, the opportunity to present their solutions to potential clients, partners, and investors allowed these startups to lay a strong foundation for future growth and collaborations.

The culminating event featured exclusive one-on-one sessions between the startups and a panel of investors and program partners, followed by keynote addresses from Abhishek Tripathi, co-founder of Settl, and Sujeet Kumar of, and a networking mixer that rounded off the gathering.

“Attending this recent proptech and sustainability summit was a pivotal experience for us as investors. The innovative solutions presented are transforming the real estate sector and providing significant investment opportunities without compromising the environment. We are thrilled to support ventures that redefine real estate, proptech, and sustainability’s future,” shared Abhijeet Pai, Co-founder of Gruhas.

Sailesh Sigatapu, General Partner at Anthill Ventures, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the collaborative spirit and the innovative ideas showcased at the event. He highlighted the potential for meaningful change within the sector, driven by high-impact startups.

As the Gruhas Aspire program concludes, the commitment to the continual growth and success of its alumni remains steadfast. With ongoing mentorship, access to resources, and networking opportunities, the initiative aims to support these startups as they scale their solutions and make a significant impact.

A glimpse into Cohort II’s Game-Changing Startups:

  • Earthfokus – A venture by Rishi Vandhan and Arun Subramanian, offering a comprehensive water management suite, including retrofit water-saving fixtures and IOT-based water meters, aiming to revolutionize water conservation.
  • Breathe ESG – Founded by Shaayak Chatterjee and Karantaj Singh, this climate-tech venture provides an end-to-end corporate sustainability management ecosystem focused on decarbonization and analytics.
  • Ambiator – Led by Tiger Aster and Jeeten Desai, Amibator introduces an eco-friendly cooling solution that drastically reduces energy consumption compared to traditional HVAC systems, without using refrigerants or compressors.
  • Slice – Created by Adi Singh, Ojas Desai, and Keith Fenner, Slice is a fintech application that democratizes access to real estate investment, allowing customers to invest in real estate fractions effortlessly.
  • ZeroTouch – Venkat Keetha’s innovative venture provides smart toilets designed to conserve water and improve sanitation efficiency, significantly reducing water usage and supporting water conservation efforts.

As these startups embark on the next stage of their journey, the ecosystem eagerly watches, anticipating the transformative impact they will have on the proptech and sustainability landscape.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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