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Transparency and Fairness in Government Funding: The Case of the Chubby Hearts Hong Kong Campaign


‘Fund Committee for Mega Events Always Open and Fair’ – RTHK

The government has reassured the public that its review process for fund applications by the Mega Arts and Cultural Events Committee is always conducted in an open and transparent manner. This comes in the wake of inquiries regarding the funding of the “Chubby Hearts Hong Kong” campaign, a public art installation backed by the government’s Mega Arts and Cultural Events Fund to the tune of HK$7.8 million.

The initiative, spearheaded by British designer Anya Hindmarch, has stirred debate among the public following remarks by share market analyst David Webb. Criticisms have been levied towards both the campaign’s expense and the potential conflict of interest involving Hindmarch and Adrian Cheng, the committee’s chairman. Hindmarch’s business relations were highlighted, noting her store’s location in ‘K11 Musea’ in Kowloon—part of New World Development, a company owned by Cheng’s family. Webb relayed his concerns through social platforms, casting a shadow of doubt over the impartiality of the funding process.

In defense, the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau clarified the procedures followed by committee members, including Cheng. It was explicitly stated that all members adhered to established mechanisms, ensuring transparency by declaring any potential conflicts of interest. The bureau emphasized that the committee, serving as an advisory body to the government, bases its funding decisions on criteria such as management expertise, technical viability, and sound financial planning. Applicants are further required to fulfill their obligations according to the agreement, which includes submitting a comprehensive report at the conclusion of the event to be eligible for the funding.

The “Chubby Hearts Hong Kong” project launched on February 14, with heart-shaped balloons distributed across various districts in Hong Kong. The campaign’s organizers reported an overwhelming turnout, with more than 65,000 attendees on the first day alone, far surpassing initial expectations. This positive public reception underscores the impact and reach of such cultural initiatives, affirming the role of the Mega Arts and Cultural Events Fund in enriching the city’s cultural landscape.

Amid criticisms and concerns, the government’s and the committee’s commitment to transparency and fairness in the funding process remains steadfast. Through rigorous adherence to the established review mechanisms and accountability measures, the Mega Arts and Cultural Events Fund continues to support projects that promise to elevate Hong Kong’s position as a hub for arts and culture on the global stage.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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