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TransUnion Invests in Indian Startup SatSure: A Step towards Revolutionizing Agricultural Finance


TransUnion Takes Minority Stake in India’s DeepTech Startup SatSure to Revolutionize Agricultural Finance

In a significant move aimed at revolutionizing agricultural finance, the global information and insights company, TransUnion (NYSE: TRU), has announced an equity investment in Bangalore-based DeepTech firm SatSure. This pioneering company is known for enhancing the decision-making quality of enterprises through earth observation data, leveraging satellite imagery and artificial intelligence (AI) across multiple industries, with a focus on agriculture, finance, utilities, aviation, and forestry.

This strategic investment by TransUnion signifies a leap forward in the application of advanced data analytics for agricultural finance, intending to accelerate SatSure’s product innovation specifically for the Indian market.

SatSure’s notable clientele list includes leading private sector banks in India such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Kotak Mahindra Bank. These institutions have recognized the potential of SatSure’s technology in promoting farmer financial inclusion in India, through its innovative offerings that provide crucial insights for the agriculture sector.

In 2022, a collaborative effort between TransUnion CIBIL and SatSure brought to fruition the CIBIL Credit & Farm Report (CCFR). This groundbreaking solution offers a consolidated view of credit information alongside detailed crop and land insights. It equips credit institutions with a powerful tool for improving agricultural loan services. By merging data-driven and digital credit assessment capabilities, the CCFR solution facilitates quick, informed decisions on agricultural lending, thereby speeding up the credit disbursement process for farmers, entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, and related businesses.

Prateep Basu, the visionary Founder & CEO of SatSure, shared his optimism about this collaboration, remarking, “Our partnership with TransUnion and TransUnion CIBIL, which began in 2022, has now evolved with them becoming an investor in SatSure. This investment underscores our mutual commitment to using technology to foster financial inclusion within the agriculture finance sector. With TransUnion’s backing, we look forward to not only advancing our joint product initiatives in the Indian market but also tackling the global challenges related to farmer credit access.”

Rajesh Kumar, the MD and CEO of TransUnion CIBIL, a group company of TransUnion, echoed similar sentiments, stating, “TransUnion is dedicated to empowering individuals worldwide with opportunities that can significantly improve their lives. By investing in SatSure, we are bringing together our expertise in information analysis and SatSure’s advanced earth intelligence platforms. We anticipate that our combined efforts will equip financial institutions with the necessary tools to assess and extend financial facilities to millions of farmers and professionals in the agricultural and allied sectors, promoting sustainable financial inclusion in India.”

The collaboration between TransUnion and SatSure marks a promising step towards leveraging advanced technologies to solve real-world problems, especially in sectors as critical as agriculture. This partnership not only aims to enhance financial accessibility for farmers but also paves the way for a more data-driven and efficient approach to agricultural finance, paving the path towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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