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UCL Announces £80M Research Boost with New AI Hub Launch


UCL Launches Pioneering AI Hubs with £80M Investment

UCL is spearheading the creation of two cutting-edge artificial intelligence research hubs, part of a £80 million initiative aimed at propelling UK research to global prominence. The UCL AI hub in Generative Models will innovate responsible AI technologies under Professor David Barber’s leadership, while Professor Ricardo Silva will co-investigate another hub dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare through AI.

These ventures are among nine new AI hubs designed to forge advancements across various sectors, including cybersecurity, healthcare, and technology. Funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), these hubs will delve into the core mathematics and computational techniques of AI and explore its applications in critical areas like science and engineering.

The UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence’s hub will focus on developing generative models to bolster economic and societal benefits. Professor Barber expresses enthusiasm for leading a national consortium aiming at generative AI advancements, which will influence everyday life and foster scientific discoveries. Meanwhile, the CHAI-EPSRC AI Hub for Causality in Healthcare AI, steered by the University of Edinburgh with significant contributions from UCL’s Professor Silva, is set to revolutionize healthcare by enhancing outcome predictions and treatment personalizations through AI.

Echoing the significance of long-term research, EPSRC’s Executive Chair Professor Charlotte Deane highlights AI’s transformative potential when ethically and responsibly developed. These hubs promise to underpin revolutionary AI tools and innovations, driving productivity and economic growth across diverse fields.

Complementing the research initiative, the UK government has outlined its approach to AI regulation, emphasizing a commitment to innovation. Minister for AI Viscount Camrose underscores the strategic investment in these projects, which aims to catalyze a new era of AI breakthroughs across healthcare, electronics, machine learning, and more.

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