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US BPO Firm Afni Leverages Philippine Growth Goals: Expands Beyond Metro Manila for Improved Local Services Support


US BPO Firm Expands Operations Beyond Metro Manila to Support Philippine-based Services

In a significant move to support the Philippine government’s regional growth goals and meet the increasing demand for local services, US-based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, Afni, has announced its strategy to expand its operational sites outside the National Capital Region (NCR). The company’s senior vice president and country manager in the Philippines, Khalid Khursheed, shared the news during the unveiling of Afni’s new facility in Laguna.

Afni’s initiative to branch out into other regions aligns with their objective to bring employment opportunities closer to people’s residences, creating more accessible job options for many. Additionally, this expansion is designed to enhance the redundancy of their operations across the country, ensuring robust business continuity plans are in place.

Afni’s Third Site in the Philippines Launches in Laguna

The Afni Laguna site, opened on April 13, is poised to become a significant employment hub, with the company targeting a staff strength of 3,000 by the end of 2024. The new facility, which occupies 9,400 square feet spread across five floors at SM City Santa Rosa, aims to cater to various US clients, starting with the telecommunications sector.

Ron Greene, the president, and CEO of Afni, highlighted the Philippines as an ideal location for entities looking for skilled and dedicated professionals. He mentioned that Afni’s move to Santa Rosa is part of their commitment to not only support their clients but also contribute to the economic enhancement of the country by establishing their presence in pivotal hubs outside Metro Manila.

More Expansion Plans on the Horizon

According to Khursheed, the demand from Afni’s clients is so robust that there is already planning underway to expand further, including the addition of 1,000 seats at Tower 3 of SM Santa Rosa by the mid to third quarter of the next year. He also revealed potential plans for expanding Afni’s presence to other regions outside Luzon, specifically mentioning Cagayan de Oro and Roxas City as possible new locations for their sites. This expansion is expected to notably increase Afni’s workforce from over 8,000 to around 12,000 by 2025.

Work Model and Data Privacy Concerns

In line with requirements from their US clients, Afni mandates on-site work setups for their employees in Santa Rosa. Despite concerns about filling the 3,000 available seats, Khursheed expressed confidence in their approach, citing the preference for on-site work among their Metro Manila employees due to the proximity to their homes and the need for specific work setups. He further emphasized the critical nature of the work and the strict data privacy requirements from their top-tier, Fortune 50 clients, stating that a majority of their clients necessitate on-site work environments to ensure data security, with only a minor fraction allowing remote work arrangements.

With these strategies in place, Afni is poised to significantly impact both the Philippine BPO industry and regional economic development. Their careful expansion plans and adherence to client needs highlight their strong commitment to providing quality services while fostering employment growth across various regions in the Philippines.

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