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Vedanta Group: The Rising Powerhouse of Wealth Creation for FY25, Surging Market Cap by Rs 2.2 Lakh Cr


Vedanta Group Emerges as FY25’s Wealth Powerhouse, Amplifying Market Cap by Rs 2.2 Lakh Cr

The Vedanta Group, which includes key players Vedanta Ltd and Hindustan Zinc Ltd, has achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the top wealth creator on Dalal Street for investors in the ongoing fiscal year. The combined market valuation of these firms has witnessed an impressive surge, bolstered by a series of strategic and operational advancements.

Statistics from stock exchanges reveal that between March 28 and June 20, 2024, the market capitalisation of the Vedanta Group soared by an astounding Rs 2.2 lakh crore. This impressive growth outpaces that of other leading Indian conglomerates, including Reliance Industries, Mahindra Group, and Tata Group, during the same timeframe.

The ascent in share prices of Vedanta and Hindustan Zinc, which have both doubled from their 52-week lows, is attributed to a confluence of positive factors. These include the proposed demerger, ongoing efforts towards deleveraging by the management, and a significant uptick in earnings. Indeed, these developments have cast the spotlight on the Vedanta Group as a beacon of growth amidst the dynamics of the stock market.

In contrast to Vedanta Group’s success, other notable conglomerates have seen varying degrees of market cap growth. The Adani and Mahindra groups each saw an increase of around Rs 1.4 lakh crore in their market cap. On the other hand, Tata Group’s market valuation rose by more than Rs 60,600 crore, while Reliance Industries experienced a decline in market valuation by over Rs 20,656.14 crore in the same period.

Highlighting its operational excellence, Vedanta reported its second-highest-ever revenue of Rs 1,41,793 crore and an EBITDA of Rs 36,455 crore in FY24. These figures translate to an EBITDA margin of 30 per cent, achieved amidst a moderate commodity cycle. The company has laid out ambitious plans to reach an EBITDA of USD 10 billion in the near term. This objective is supported by over 50 high-impact growth projects across its diverse portfolio, including zinc, aluminium, oil and gas, and power sectors.

The growing faith of investors in Vedanta Group’s potential is further underscored by the increased shareholding by institutional investors. Data from the stock exchange indicates that foreign institutional investors’ holdings in Vedanta rose to 8.77 per cent at the end of the March quarter, up from 7.74 per cent in the previous quarter.

Analysts attribute the robust performance and optimistic outlook of Vedanta Group to several factors, including the strengthening of commodity prices. Furthermore, the company is expected to harvest the fruits of its cost optimisation initiatives starting FY25, thereby bolstering profitability.

Shares of Vedanta and Hindustan Zinc reached their zenith on May 22, with record highs of Rs 506.85 and 807, respectively. More recent trading on the BSE saw Vedanta shares climb by 4.86 per cent to Rs 470.25, while Hindustan Zinc shares witnessed a surge of 2.29 per cent to Rs 647.65.

With its strategic focus, operational efficiencies, and favorable market trends, the Vedanta Group is poised to continue its trajectory of strong growth and value creation. As it capitalizes on new opportunities and navigates challenges, the conglomerate is well-positioned to maintain its leadership as a wealth creator in the dynamic economic landscape of India.

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Jordan Clark
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