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Virtualtech Frontier Triumphs at ITEC Global Competition, Sets Sights on Chinese Tech Landscape Expansion



In a stunning demonstration of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Virtualtech Frontier (VTF) recently marked a significant achievement on the global tech stage. The company’s groundbreaking project,, distinguished itself within the fiercely competitive arena of the 11th Chaoyang International Talent Entrepreneurship Conference (ITEC) 2023 Global Entrepreneurship Competition held in Beijing, China.

The competition, which draws talent from across the globe, saw an overwhelming participation of 2,258 project teams from 73 countries and regions. These teams competed in a rigorous three-stage selection process, including preliminary evaluation, semi-finals, and an on-site inspection, culminating in a high-profile event in Beijing’s Chaoyang District—a renowned hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Virtualtech Frontier, representing the cutting edge of metaverse and virtual space development, emerged as a finalist in the competition, securing a prestigious placement in the Award of Excellence category. This accolade not only celebrates the innovative metaverse project, but also shines a spotlight on the exceptional dedication and innovative prowess of the VTF team.

Reflecting on this remarkable journey, Jason Low, CEO of Virtualtech Frontier, shared his excitement and gratitude. “Our participation in the ITEC 2023 Entrepreneurship Competition has been both thrilling and rewarding. Receiving the award on stage in Beijing is a testament to our team’s hard work, creativity, and the innovative essence that drives us. It’s a significant acknowledgment as we aim to expand our operations and position ourselves strategically within one of the world’s forefront tech markets.”

The ITEC competition aligns with the Chinese government’s initiative to promote high-quality development driven by talented professionals worldwide. This platform not only enabled VTF to showcase its capabilities on a global scale but has also paved the way for strategic expansion into the lucrative Chinese market, particularly within the Chaoyang District. With the support of the Beijing government, VTF aspires to tap into the thriving local tech landscape and actively contribute to high-quality developmental initiatives, leveraging China’s dynamic talent pool.

About Virtualtech Frontier

Virtualtech Frontier stands at the forefront of the metaverse and virtual spaces creation, characterized by its commitment to developing an interconnective and accessible metaverse ecosystem. The company has played a pivotal role in the virtualization of numerous companies and brands, including renowned names such as Nestle, Omega, and Bytedance. By launching—a no-code metaverse SaaS platform, VTF has made it simpler for brands and communities to engage with and create their purpose-driven metaverses, marking a significant contribution to the evolution of digital landscapes.

About Mitoworld enables users to construct their metaverse effortlessly within minutes, offering an easy-to-use platform that simplifies the deployment, customization, and sharing of metaverse spaces. As a beacon of Virtualtech Frontier’s innovative identity, Mitoworld seeks to be the premier solution for brands and communities looking to explore new dimensions of brand expression in the digital realm.

About ITEC

The ITEC initiative represents a global movement dedicated to mentoring, fostering, and spotlighting groundbreaking projects, propelling them onto the world stage. Now in its 11th iteration, ITEC underscores a commitment to celebrating the spirit of global entrepreneurship, providing a platform for innovative minds to connect, share, and grow.

Virtualtech Frontier’s success at ITEC 2023 not only underscores the company’s pioneering role in the tech community but also highlights its strategic vision for global expansion, setting the stage for future innovations and a stronger presence in the international tech landscape.

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