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Wallbox and Partners Secure $25.6 Million for EV Charging Deployment in Washington: Empowering Green Transition with Pulsar Pro Chargers


Wallbox and Partners Awarded $25.6 Million for EV Charging Deployment in Washington

Wallbox (NYSE: WBX), a pioneering force in the electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management sphere, along with its subsidiary COIL, a leader in EV charging installation services, have achieved a significant milestone. Together with the Clean and Prosperous Institute and Adopt a Charger, they have been granted proposed awards totaling $25.6 million from the Washington Department of Commerce’s Electric Vehicle Charging Program. This funding, part of the program’s initial round, aims to facilitate the introduction of Wallbox’s latest AC Level 2 charger, the Pulsar Pro, at 148 multifamily residences across the state of Washington.

“Access to EV charging is a primary concern for potential EV owners, particularly those residing in multifamily buildings,” explained Erik Fogelberg, General Manager of Wallbox North America. “Our collective mission with the State of Washington is to ensure widespread charger deployment across various settings, making the transition to electric vehicles accessible to everyone. We are thrilled to collaborate with the Department and our partners to bring top-tier charging solutions, including COIL’s installation services, to Washingtonians.”

The initiative will see the installation of the Pulsar Pro AC Level 2 chargers, a model designed with commercial and multifamily residential applications in the North American market in mind. Renowned for its dynamic power sharing capability, the Pulsar Pro can intelligently distribute power among connected EVs based on the building’s current load, minimizing the need for extensive initial electrical infrastructure modifications. However, the model’s standout feature is its future-proof technology, including RFID integration and ISO 15118 readiness, ensuring a secure and forward-compatible charging experience.

The implementation of these chargers will be orchestrated by COIL, in collaboration with Resound Energy, a contractor specializing in energy efficiency based in Washington, and it will target 148 multifamily housing properties, including 146 managed by Greystar. These efforts underline the critical need for joint ventures in overcoming the challenges associated with setting up EV charging infrastructure in multifamily dwellings. Moreover, Adopt A Charger will play a crucial role in educating the community about the installed chargers and promoting the benefits of electrification to encourage EV adoption among residents.

This award constitutes a portion of an $85 million allocation announced earlier in February by Governor Jay Inslee and the Washington Department of Commerce. The funding represents the program’s ambitious initiative to foster clean transportation, mitigate pollution, and ensure equitable access to EV charging across the state. The selection process for these awards was highly competitive, favoring projects that proposed solutions for high-pollution areas with limited charging infrastructure, among other considerations.

“Through strategic investments in electrification and public-private partnerships, Washington is positioning itself at the vanguard of transportation electrification,” said Michael Furze, Assistant Director of the Energy Division at the Washington State Department of Commerce. “The Electric Vehicle Charging Program exemplifies our dedication to expanding charging infrastructure while prioritizing the health and well-being of our most vulnerable communities.”

Michael Mann, Executive Director of the Clean and Prosperous Institute, expressed enthusiasm for their role in the project, stating, “We are excited about our ‘Charging Forward Together’ program being selected for funding, which will help install 1,375 charging ports across the state. Our collaboration with Wallbox, COIL, and Greystar reinforces our commitment to decarbonizing our transportation sector.”

Kitty Adams Hoksbergen, Executive Director of Adopt a Charger, also remarked on the importance of addressing the multifamily charging challenge, highlighting Wallbox’s solutions as both cost-effective and reliable. “This initiative is a significant step forward in making electric vehicles a viable option for renters, providing them with access to affordable power where they park overnight.”

“We are honored to partner with Wallbox and Greystar Properties in this vital initiative,” said Jason Steiner, VP of Sales for Resound Energy. “Our expertise in EVSE installation positions us perfectly to support the state’s objectives of promoting electric vehicle adoption and sustainable transportation solutions.”

The collaborative efforts of Wallbox, COIL, and their partners, backed by substantial funding from the Washington Department of Commerce, present a promising stride towards electrifying transportation in multifamily settings throughout Washington, enhancing accessibility to EV charging infrastructure and fostering a more sustainable future.

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