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Women-focused Neobanking Platform LXME Nabs $1.2 Million in Seed Funding: Expanding Reach and Improving Financial Literacy Among Women


Women-Focused Neobanking Startup LXME Bags Seed Funding From Kalaari Capital, Others

LXME, a pioneering neobanking platform dedicated to empowering women with comprehensive financial services, has successfully secured $1.2 million in seed funding. This significant financial boost was led by the esteemed venture capital firm Kalaari Capital through its innovative CXXO initiative, marking a monumental step forward for LXME in its mission to enhance financial inclusion and literacy among women.

The funding round attracted a diverse group of investors, demonstrating broad support for LXME’s vision. Notable participants included Singularity Ventures, Amaya Ventures, Capri Holdings, and several prominent individuals such as Yash Kela, founder and chief investment officer of Singularity Ventures; Aditi Kothari, vice chairperson of DSP Asset Managers; along with Vivek Vig, Sumit Jalan, and Avinash Pahuja. Their combined support underscores a growing recognition of the importance of gender-focused financial solutions.

LXME, founded by Harvard Business School alumnus Priti Rathi Gupta, has its roots deeply planted in Mumbai. Since its inception in 2021, LXME has been at the forefront of revolutionizing how women manage their finances. The platform’s services, which include a range of investment and insurance products, financial planning tools, and educational modules, are designed to demystify finance for women, promote savings and investment, and encourage financial autonomy.

The company’s primary objective with this new funding is to extend its market reach and enhance its product offerings. Plans are in place to channel the investment into broad spectrum brand building, user acquisition across India, and significant enhancements to technology and product stacks. Gupta, LXME’s founder, expressed profound enthusiasm and emotional gratitude for reaching this milestone, highlighting the collective effort and vision shared by the LXME team and its backers.

LXME doesn’t just offer banking services; it’s a platform that provides education to enable women to make informed financial decisions, boasting a vibrant community of over 400,000 women. With more than 100,000 downloads and over 30 million content views, LXME is on a fast track to its goal of welcoming over 10 million women to its platform within the next five years.

Vani Kola, the managing director at Kalaari Capital, praised LXME for its unwavering commitment to financial literacy and inclusion for women. This commitment perfectly mirrors Kalaari’s and CXXO’s mission to support emerging women entrepreneurs. The CXXO initiative by Kalaari Capital aims at creating a supportive ecosystem for female founder-CEOs through capital investment, community building, and coaching.

The necessity for platforms like LXME is underscored by findings from the LXME and Women Money Power 2022 report. Despite India having 560 million women with bank accounts, only 8 million actively invest, with a mere 1% doing so independently. The report highlights significant barriers faced by women in wealth growth, credit access, and venture funding, with a staggering 65% lacking health insurance. LXME’s mission is to bridge these gaps, offering women an empowering financial platform tailor-made for their needs.

In the competitive landscape of digital finance, LXME stands out by addressing the unique financial needs and challenges of women. In doing so, it positions itself against giants like Groww and Zerodha, offering a distinct value proposition focused on education, community, and accessibility. As LXME continues to grow, its impact on women’s financial empowerment is poised to make significant strides, reshaping the financial landscape to be more inclusive and empowering for women across India.

Alex Sterling
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