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Workforce Reduction and Future Uncertainty at Atmore’s $87-Million Peanut Shelling Plant


Major Layoff Hits Peanut Shelling Plant in Atmore

The $87-million Coastal Growers peanut shelling plant, a beacon of modern agriculture in Atmore, has recently faced a significant workforce reduction. This event has sparked conversations about the facility’s future and its impact on the local economy.

The farmer-owners of this agricultural cooperative are reportedly considering major changes, including the potential sale or lease of the business to a significant processor in the industry. Names such as Con-Agra and Birdsong have surfaced as possible contenders for taking over the operation of this state-of-the-art peanut processing facility.

Despite changes in leadership, having seen three CEOs in just two years of operation, local economic officials assert that the plant’s challenges are not rooted in its management. Jess Nicholas, Executive Director of the Escambia County Industrial Development Authority, emphasizes the unlikely scenario of the plant ceasing operations, given its technological advancements and strategic location amidst vast peanut acreages.

Atmore Mayor Jim Staff shared insights into the company’s efforts to navigate through the aftermath of last year’s market fluctuation that saw peanut prices skyrocketing. These challenges have led to a significant reduction in the workforce as part of a broader strategy to enhance efficiency and ensure the financial health of the operation.

David Dexter, Coastal Growers’ Human Resources Director, outlined the measures the company has taken to address its challenges. Despite the success of some of these strategies, the necessity to scale down the workforce has emerged as a critical step towards achieving long-term sustainability for the company.

The disruption in the supply chain, exacerbated by last year’s drought and resultant spike in peanut prices, has strained relationships among farmer-owners, with some reneging on their commitments to deliver peanuts to the plant. This tension has further complicated the operational dynamics of the facility.

Moreover, the suspension of the Coastal Growers LLC warehouse license by the USDA has added to the plant’s predicaments, limiting its operations to the existing inventory and raising questions about the future of its licensing status.

Despite these setbacks, sources close to the plant affirm its ongoing operations and financial commitments, indicating continued activity and the possibility of overcoming current challenges. The local economic development community remains hopeful, viewing the present situation as a juncture in a continuing narrative rather than the conclusion of Coastal Growers’ story in Atmore.

The future of the highly advanced, $87-million peanut shelling facility remains a topic of speculation and concern within the community and the broader agricultural sector. However, the resolve to find viable solutions and the potential for new ownership or partnerships suggest a pathway towards stability and growth for Coastal Growers.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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