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WuXi Biologics Dominates 2023 with Impressive Non-COVID Business Growth and Robust Revenue Increase


WuXi Biologics Achieves Remarkable 2023 Annual Results with Non-COVID Business Leading the Way

In an impressive display of resilience and strategic foresight, WuXi Biologics has reported an outstanding performance for the year 2023, amidst a challenging macroeconomic climate. The company’s non-COVID related revenue saw an impressive 37.7% year-over-year growth, bolstered by a staggering 101.7% increase in revenue from non-COVID late-phase and commercial manufacturing. These figures underscore WuXi Biologics’ robust business momentum and the effectiveness of its CRDMO business model.

The company’s diligent pursuit of the “Follow and Win the Molecule” strategy has been instrumental in delivering solid revenue increases, leading to a record total of 698 integrated projects, which include 51 Phase III projects and 24 commercial manufacturing (CMO) projects. This vast project portfolio not only highlights the company’s comprehensive capabilities but also sets the stage for further growth.

Strong business performance has been sustained despite the macroeconomic uncertainties, with the Group achieving a remarkable increase in total revenue, eclipsing the billion mark. This growth has been driven by a lucrative non-COVID pipeline which compensated for the decline in COVID-related sales, showcasing the company’s adaptive and resilient business model.

WuXi Biologics has also seen significant success in its late-phase and commercial manufacturing projects, with revenue in this segment increasing to make up 45.4% of the company’s total revenue in 2023. The notable uptick in these projects reflects the company’s strong potential for future growth. A highlight of the year was the approval of Pombiliti™ by strategic partner Amicus Therapeutics, marking a significant milestone from concept to commercialization and demonstrating the power of WuXi Biologics’ integrated technology platform.

The company’s CRDMO business model has thrived, especially in the research segment, showcasing remarkable success through extended partnerships and milestone services. Notable collaborations with industry giants like GSK and BioNTech underscore WuXi Biologics’ research capabilities and its role in advancing preclinical investigational therapies. Additionally, the opening of its Boston Research Service Center signifies the expansion of its global footprint and commitment to fostering innovation.

To support its burgeoning portfolio, WuXi Biologics has significantly enhanced its global presence and talent pool, underlining its commitment to meeting global demands efficiently. With strategic expansions in , , and , as well as intensified operational capacities in its facilities, the company is well-equipped to uphold its promise of fast-track project initiation.

Emerging as new growth drivers, microbial and new modalities have expanded WuXi Biologics’ service spectrum, positioning it at the forefront of future biopharmaceutical developments. The company’s adeptness at leveraging its deep knowledge in bispecific and antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technologies, alongside its expansions in vaccine projects, further cements its status as an industry leader.

The recent successful listing of its subsidiary, WuXi XDC, on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, marks a significant milestone, enabling focused growth in the ADCs and bioconjugates market. This strategic move not only benefits WuXi Biologics through continued consolidation but also enhances governance and operational efficiency.

Underpinning WuXi Biologics’ success is its steadfast commitment to maintaining premier quality standards. The company’s global regulatory inspections outcome and comprehensive client audits reflect its dedication to delivering the highest quality biologics. Coupled with its seasoned talent team and strategic ESG initiatives, WuXi Biologics is poised for sustained long-term growth.

In conclusion, WuXi Biologics’ solid performance in 2023 is a testament to its resilient business model, strategic growth initiatives, and commitment to innovation. As the company forges ahead, it continues to be driven by its mission to empower partners in bringing life-improving biologics to patients worldwide, solidifying its position as a global CRDMO leader.

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