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Aligned Data Centers Boosts Growth Strategy with Strategic Investment from CenterSquare


Aligned Data Centers Secures Investment from CenterSquare

In a significant move to bolster growth and expansion in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Aligned Data Centers has secured a strategic investment from CenterSquare Investment Management. This collaboration is set to enhance Aligned’s capabilities to meet the surging demand for cloud services and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

CenterSquare Investment Management, a prominent US real estate investment company, has partnered with Macquarie Asset Management for this investment. Macquarie’s managed funds are the majority stakeholders in Aligned, making CenterSquare’s contribution a notable endorsement of Aligned’s vision and strategic direction. The parties have not disclosed the financial details of the investment, stressing instead the future growth and initiatives it will enable.

“This partnership aligns with our commitment to support infrastructures that fuel technological advancements,” stated a spokesperson from CenterSquare Investment Management. “Aligned Data Centers stands out as an operator and developer of cutting-edge data centers, and we are excited to contribute to their journey, addressing the strong market demand powered by increased cloud adoption and the AI revolution.”

The sentiment was echoed by Aligned Data Centers, who welcomed the investment as a significant affirming gesture towards their growth strategy and vision. “CenterSquare’s investment is not just a financial boost but a stamp of confidence in our roadmap and capabilities. It accelerates our mission to pioneer next-gen data center infrastructure vital for the AI and hyperscale computing boom,” they noted.

CenterSquare Investment Management, with its headquarters nestled in suburban Philadelphia, is a formidable force in the real estate investment sector, managing assets worth approximately USD 13 billion as of December 2023. The firm boasts a global footprint with offices in major international cities including New York, London, Los Angeles, and Singapore.

Aligned Data Centers’ growth trajectory had previously received a significant boost from another major player – Blackstone. In an earlier development, Blackstone extended an initial USD 600 million senior secured credit facility to support Aligned’s ambitious project, the SLC-03 data center, located in West Jordan, Utah. This two-story, 80 MW build-to-suit data center is a part of Aligned’s hyperscale campus in Utah, marking the company’s fourth hyperscale data center in the Salt Lake City metro area.

As digital transformation continues to accelerate globally, fueled by advancements in AI and cloud computing, the role of innovative and scalable data center infrastructure becomes increasingly critical. Investments like the one from CenterSquare are pivotal, enabling companies like Aligned Data Centers to not only expand their physical presence but also innovate in technologies such as the next-gen DeltaFlow~ Liquid Cooling Technology. This ensures that the backbone of the digital world is not just expansive but also efficient and future-ready.

Through strategic investments and partnerships, Aligned Data Centers is poised to drive forward the development of the digital infrastructure necessary for the future, meeting the demands of a world increasingly reliant on massive computational power.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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