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BluSmart’s Drive Towards Sustainability: Remarkable Revenue Growth and Greener Future through Electric Vehicle Services


BluSmart Accelerates Toward a Greener Future with Remarkable Revenue Growth and Expansion Plans

In a significant stride toward sustainable mobility, BluSmart, a frontrunner in electric vehicle (EV) ride-hailing services, has announced a milestone achievement, crossing an Annual Run Rate (ARR) of INR 500 Crore (~$60 Million) in the financial year 2024. Demonstrating a robust growth trajectory, the company recorded a 102% surge over the previous fiscal year, marking a pivotal moment in its journey towards cleaner, emission-free transportation solutions.

The company’s Gross Business Value (GBV) has seen an astonishing Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 300% over the past three years, a testimony to its growing popularity and the increasing consumer shift towards eco-friendly mobility options. BluSmart attributes this remarkable growth to its high customer satisfaction rates, boasting a 4.9 out of 5-star rating. Unique service propositions such as guaranteed on-time arrivals, no cancellation policies, and a completely emission-free ride experience have significantly contributed to its popularity among environmentally conscious riders.

Anmol Singh Jaggi, co-founder of BluSmart, highlighted the growing consumer demand for sustainable mobility solutions as a key driver for the company‚Äôs rapid growth. “We are witnessing a rise in demand for sustainable mobility solutions, reinforcing the growth of a greener, more sustainable future. Fueled by this momentum, we are poised to deepen our impact by expanding our EV fleet and charging infrastructure, catering to our ever-growing customer base,” Jaggi stated, outlining the company’s forward-looking vision.

The recent surge in BluSmart’s business metrics follows closely on the heels of its announcement to raise $25 million in a funding round led by responsAbility Investments AG, a Switzerland-based impact investment firm, aiming to bolster its expansion and fleet augmentation endeavors.

Founded in 2019 by Anmol Singh Jaggi and Punit K Goyal, the Delhi NCR-based startup has laid down ambitious plans for the near future, aiming to expand its EV fleet to 10,000 vehicles by the end of 2024. Currently boasting over 7,300 electric vehicles, BluSmart touts it as the largest EV fleet across South Asia, underscoring its commitment to reducing carbon emissions. So far, its fleet has covered approximately 460 million clean kilometers, resulting in the saving of 34 million kilograms of CO2 emissions.

BluSmart operates in a competitive market, with contenders like Lithium, eee-Taxi, Snap-E Cabs, as well as giants like Ola and Uber vying for dominance in the sustainable mobility arena. However, what sets BluSmart apart is its focused dedication towards an all-electric fleet, establishing it as a leader in zero-emission transportation services.

Investment in BluSmart reflects the growing confidence in sustainable mobility ventures. Among its investors are prominent names such as Alteria Capital, BlackSoil, Stride Ventures, Mumbai Angels, BP Ventures, and LetsVenture, illustrating the broad-based support for BluSmart’s vision and business model.

Despite its positive growth metrics, BluSmart is not immune to the challenges of scaling up sustainably. The company reported a consolidated net loss of INR 65.5 Crore in FY22, underscoring the high costs associated with expanding its fleet and infrastructure. Nonetheless, the venture’s impressive growth rates and strategic investments signal a strong potential for future profitability and impact.

Indian EV startups play a crucial role in transitioning the country towards more sustainable modes of transport, offering viable alternatives to fossil fuels and contributing significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions. BluSmart’s journey represents a beacon of innovation and resilience, paving the way for a cleaner, greener future.

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