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Breaking Ground: How Copprium is Revolutionizing the Conductive Ink Market with Copper Technology


Copprium Advances Copper Ink Technology with Support from the University at Buffalo

The conductive ink market, critical to the electronics industry, has traditionally leaned heavily on silver due to its abundance and lower cost compared to copper—until now. In a groundbreaking move, Copprium, a recent startup, is poised to revolutionize this multi-billion-dollar industry with its patented copper ink technology, developed with significant contributions from the University at Buffalo (UB).

Brian Bischoff, the innovative mind behind Copprium, credits the University at Buffalo not just for the technological breakthrough but for making the dream of his startup a reality. “Without UB, the journey of Copprium—from conception to the brink of market launch—would have been fraught with insurmountable financial risks,” Bischoff explains.

The unique copper ink technology crafted in UB’s labs stands to challenge the status quo, offering a more affordable and readily available alternative to silver-based conductive inks without sacrificing quality or functionality. This innovation could have far-reaching implications, from solar panels to medical devices, promising enhanced efficiency and reduced costs.

From University Research to Market Reality

Founded in 2022, Copprium emerged from UB’s Business Entrepreneur Partnership (BEP) office, a hub that not only nurtures technological innovation but actively supports startups through funding, guidance, and access to research facilities, ensuring their growth and viability in the competitive market.

“While UB fosters groundbreaking research, it also plays a pivotal role in translating these innovations into successful commercial products,” says Edward Tierney, a UB resident entrepreneur and advisory member for Copprium. He highlights the university’s commitment to bridging the gap between academic research and market-ready solutions that benefit society at large.

Copprium has made its home in the UB Incubator @ Baird in Amherst, employing seven individuals. Over the past few months, the company has been actively distributing free samples of its innovative copper ink, gathering valuable feedback, and is on the cusp of transitioning into a revenue-generating enterprise. With significant interest already shown by potential users, the future looks bright for Copprium.

The Journey of Copper Ink Technology

The idea for Copprium’s copper ink took shape after Bischoff was approached by Shenqiang Ren, a then-UB professor, who had developed the technology in his lab. Recognizing the potential for a market disruptor, they embarked on a journey to explore the commercial viability of this innovation.

Conductive inks are used across various applications to create electrical pathways on diverse materials such as plastic and fabric. Copprium’s copper-based inks not only promise cost efficiency and abundance but also boast of solderability and low-temperature sintering capabilities—qualities that are desirable in electronics manufacturing.

Currently, Copprium offers a range of products, including its CuNano line for high-temperature applications and a Hybrink line that serves as a silver ink substitute. A standout innovation is the ZeroParticle line, designed for the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) sector, showcasing the versatility and forward-thinking approach of Copprium’s technology.

Support and Success

UB’s comprehensive support system has been instrumental in Copprium’s journey, assisting with everything from securing patents and trademarks to transforming the startup into a competitive entity ready to attract investors.

Positioned in UB’s Baird Research Park, Copprium benefits from proximity to academic resources and a pipeline of talent from the university, strengthening the symbiotic relationship between academic research and commercial success.

With an impressive $325,000 in non-dilutive financing raised to date and recognition such as the Innovation Award at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference, Copprium is well on its way to transforming the conductive ink industry.

Bischoff eagerly anticipates the next stages of growth, confident in the startup’s direction. “The overwhelming interest from potential customers reassures us that Copprium is set for success. Our innovation not only addresses a significant market need but also positions us at the forefront of technological advancement in the conductive ink industry.”

In an era where technological innovation is key to competitive advantage, Copprium, with the unwavering support of the University at Buffalo, is set to redefine industry standards and pave the way for more sustainable, cost-effective solutions in electronics manufacturing and beyond.

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