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CCI Gard’s Million Euro Surplus Inspires Confidence: A Look at 2023 Performance and Future Plans


CCI Gard Achieves Million Surplus in 2023, Outlining a Positive Financial Trajectory

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Gard has officially announced a significant financial achievement for the year 2023, reporting a budgetary surplus of one million euros. This development comes at a time when the institution is grappling with declining state allocations, making the surplus all the more remarkable.

During a presentation held at the NapolĂ©on bistro, Eric Giraudier, the President of CCI Gard, alongside his treasurer Eric Butel, shared insights into the chamber’s financial health and future plans. Giraudier, who was re-elected as president last November, took the opportunity to underline the resilience and adaptability of the chamber in face of reduced state funding.

Butel pointed out the notable decline in fiscal resources over recent years, stating, “Our funding has been cut by half compared to four or five years ago.” Despite these challenges, the CCI Gard has not only managed to maintain but also to increase its assets from 46 million euros in 2016 to 51 million euros today.

The surplus reported for 2023 was attributed to strategic measures including the consolidation of property holdings and the generation of own resources, particularly through the leasing of premises.

Looking forward to the 2024 economic year, the CCI Gard is preparing to host its back-to-school event, focusing on the construction and real estate sectors. The event is anticipated to attract between 500 and 600 business leaders, underscoring its significance as a platform for collaboration and dialogue among key industry stakeholders. The detailed agenda and guest speakers for the event, to be held at Mas Merlet, are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

In addition, another noteworthy event is set to take place at Yelloh “le village du Port” in Grau-du-Roi. This gathering will celebrate the milestone of the 50,000th company in Gard, featuring round tables with prominent elected officials and economic figures. Hosted by Olivier Biscaye, the editorial director of Midi Libre, the event aims to foster a dialogue on the challenges and opportunities facing the business community in the region.

The positive budgetary performance and the line-up of significant events highlight the proactive and strategic approach of the CCI Gard towards sustaining its operations and supporting the economic development of the Gard region. In the face of financial uncertainties, the achievements of CCI Gard serve as a testament to the resilience and innovative spirit of the local business community.

Natalie Kimura
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