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Celebrating Two Decades of Impact: The ‘It’s All Overtown’ 20th Year Celebration Platinum Affair


Alonzo Mourning and Tracy Wilson Mourning are excited to host the landmark philanthropic event, the “It’s All Overtown” 20th Year Celebration Platinum Affair. This significant gathering is scheduled for Saturday, April 13, 2024, and is proudly presented by AshBritt. This prestigious event not only celebrates a milestone two decades of the Overtown Youth Center’s (OYC Miami) unwavering commitment to the communities of Miami-Dade and South Florida but also marks the official opening of the OYC Miami’s new building, masterfully designed by the renowned architect Kobi Karp.

The Overtown Youth Center, established in 2003 by NBA Hall-of-Famer Alonzo Mourning alongside real estate titan Martin Z. Margulies, stands as a pillar of hope within the community. Its core mission is to inspire, empower, and evolve the lives of young individuals, adults, and families. Engaged in the long-term endeavor of community strengthening, OYC Miami offers an array of comprehensive services and programs tailored to achieve these goals.

This year’s gala is focused on raising vital funds necessary for OYC Miami’s continued operational success and future endeavors. Moreover, guests will be treated to an exclusive preview of the center’s substantial renovations and expansions. The new facility spans an impressive 56,000 square feet and includes 14 classrooms, a cafeteria, a health and wellness center, a gym, among other state-of-the-art amenities, significantly expanding the center’s ability to serve its community.

Alonzo Mourning reflects on OYC’s journey, emphasizing the center’s foundational aim to create a welcoming, secure, and inspirational environment conducive to success. “Over the years, we’ve evolved into an essential community and family resource, offering a beacon of hope and acting as a catalyst for positive change,” Mourning comments. The facility’s expansion is a testament to the tremendous growth and impact achieved throughout these twenty years.

The event promises an evening of exceptional local cuisine from Miami’s top-rated restaurants, including offerings from Il Gabbiano, Prime 112, Major Food Group, Red Rooster, Josh’s Premium Meats, and il Cucchiaio. Enhancing the celebratory ambiance, Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo will grace the occasion with a live performance, promising to make the night memorable.

The OYC Miami prioritizes five main pillars in its mission: education, enrichment & exposure, health & wellness, family services, and economic sustainability. By maintaining a presence in 15 locations across the area, OYC Miami extends a heartfelt invitation to the community to support this philanthropic evening and their ongoing efforts to transform Miami’s most resilient neighborhoods into thriving, prosperous communities.

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