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Chennai Authorities Arrest Accused in Visakhapatnam Tahsildar Murder Case


Visakhapatnam: Tahsildar Murder Accused Apprehended in Chennai

In a significant breakthrough, the Visakhapatnam police have successfully apprehended Murari Subrahmanyam Ganga Rao, the prime suspect in the murder case of Bondapalli tahsildar Sanapala Ramanaiah. The arrest was made on the outskirts of Chennai early Monday morning, revealed Dr A. Ravi Shankar, the Commissioner of Police, Visakhapatnam.

During a press conference held in Visakhapatnam, the commissioner elaborated on the sequence of events leading to the arrest. After committing the crime on Friday night, Rao hastily booked a flight ticket for Saturday morning. His attempt to remain undetected by using a three-part name in the passenger list was initially successful. However, his plans were foiled when an in-flight announcement in Bengaluru prompted him to disembark prematurely and switch to rail transport for Chennai, in an attempt to evade capture.

Despite his efforts to remain incognito, diligent work by the Visakhapatnam Task Force, in collaboration with the Chennai police, enabled them to trace Rao through his mobile phone and secure his arrest. Upon his return to Visakhapatnam, Rao underwent interrogation by a special team led by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Manikhant.

While it remains premature to definitively link the motive of the murder to financial transactions between Rao and the deceased, it is disclosed that Rao was pushing for the completion of a conveyance deed—a process Ramanaiah could not finalize due to his recent transfer. The property in question, a significant parcel of land in Madhurawada, is valued around Rs 12 crore, shedding some light on the possible motive behind the tragedy.

This arrest marks a crucial step forward in unravelling the circumstances surrounding the untimely death of tahsildar Sanapala Ramanaiah, as the police continue their meticulous investigation into this high-profile case.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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