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Chief Financial Officer Departs from Travis Kalanick’s CloudKitchens


CloudKitchens Faces Major Leadership Shift with CFO Departure

In a significant turn of events for Travis Kalanick’s venture, CloudKitchens, the company has witnessed the departure of its Chief Financial Officer, adding to the roster of challenges. The tech-and-real-estate hybrid startup, known for its innovative approach to food service with its ghost-kitchen facilities, is navigating through a period of strategic adjustments and market challenges.

Before joining City Storage Systems, the parent company of CloudKitchens, the departing CFO boasted an impressive tenure at Amazon exceeding a dozen years. There, his responsibilities culminated as the Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer for the international consumer business, highlighting his extensive experience in the sector. His role at City Storage Systems was clouded in secrecy, referred to only as a “stealth startup” on professional networks as per company directive.

City Storage Systems, under Kalanick’s vision, seeks to revolutionize food production akin to how Uber transformed urban mobility. Aside from CloudKitchens, its portfolio includes Otter, a provider of restaurant software, and nascent efforts in robotic food preparation designed to significantly cut labor costs.

However, the journey has been tumultuous post-2021 fundraising, with the startup grappling with industry-wide challenges such as inflation and surging interest rates, forcing multiple rounds of layoffs across various departments. The departure of a key figure in its financial leadership underscores the complexity of scaling innovation in a volatile market.

Both the executive and company representatives have yet to issue statements regarding this significant change, leaving the industry to speculate on the future direction of CloudKitchens amidst evolving operational and economic landscapes.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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