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Citi Uplifts Welltower’s Price Target to $120, Reaffirming Buy Rating: A Close Look at Financial Trajectory and Growth Outlook


Citi Raises Welltower Price Target to $120 from $110, Keeps Buy Rating

In a significant move on Monday, Citi has announced an upward revision of the price target on Welltower Inc. (NYSE:WELL), a leading real estate investment trust, setting it at $120.00 from the previously established target of $110.00. Alongside this adjustment, Citi has reaffirmed its Buy rating on the stock, portraying a robust confidence in the company’s financial trajectory.

This decision comes in the wake of Welltower’s impressive first-quarter earnings, which necessitated updates to the company’s financial model. These updates incorporate revised operating, financing, and leasing assumptions, painting a clearer picture of what the future holds for Welltower’s financial health.

The revised financial model has led to an uplift in the projected normalized Funds From Operations (FFOps) for the fiscal year 2024 to $4.11 from the prior estimate of $4.00. The forecast for the year 2025 has also seen an enhancement, with normalized FFOps now anticipated to be $4.57, surpassing the previous forecast of $4.42.

Citi’s adjusted price target and sustained Buy rating reflect a positive outlook towards Welltower’s financial status and growth prospects. The company’s recent financial reports and subsequent assessments have underscored this optimistic perspective on the stock’s potential performance.

Adjustments in price targets and ratings by financial institutions are keenly watched by investors and analysts alike as they offer insights into a stock’s projected market trajectory. Therefore, the raised price target for Welltower by Citi is expected to garner interest among stakeholders and those keenly observing the real estate investment sector.

Adding to Welltower’s promising outlook, the company has recently announced an updated financial outlook for 2024, hinting at an increase in anticipated normalized funds from operations (FFO) per diluted share. This revised outlook is indicative of Welltower’s confidence in its operational efficiency and strategic business initiatives.

Moreover, Mizuho Securities has maintained a positive stance on Welltower, upping its price target to $105 from $98, following discussions with Welltower’s management team that highlighted the company’s robust operational and financial maneuvers. Similarly, RBC Capital Markets has raised its price target for Welltower to $101 from $99, propelled by the strong earnings displayed in the first quarter of 2024. However, RBC Capital maintains a Sector Perform rating on the shares.

The first quarter of 2024 marked a period of significant growth for Welltower, showcasing a notable rise in FFO per share and a 25.5% increment in same-store net operating income (NOI), presenting a solid testament to Welltower’s financial resilience and operational success.

In further affirmation of Welltower’s solid market standing, InvestingPro highlights the company’s substantial market capitalization of $62.15 billion, underpinning its substantial market presence. The last twelve months, up to Q1 2024, have witnessed a 16.14% revenue growth, followed by a 19.16% quarterly revenue increase in Q1 2024. This growth trajectory is in line with expectations for continued sales growth throughout the current fiscal year.

With a PEG ratio of 0.52 for the same period, Welltower is presented as trading at a low P/E ratio relative to near-term earnings growth. This is further complimented by the company’s impressive history of maintaining dividend payments for 49 consecutive years, offering investors reliability with a current dividend yield of 2.35%. The last dividend ex-date recorded was on May 10, 2024.

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Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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