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DEWA Championing Innovation with Dynamic Events and Projects during UAE Innovation Month


DEWA Spotlights Innovation Efforts During UAE Innovation Month

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is actively participating in the UAE Innovation Month, known as ‘UAE Innovates 2024.’ Through its engagement in this transformative initiative, DEWA underscores its dedication to fostering the UAE’s status as a global hub for innovation. A series of dynamic activities and events are being hosted by DEWA across various locations, including its head office, the Distribution Power Division Complex, and the Warsan Complex throughout February. Additionally, DEWA is making its presence felt with a dedicated stand at the UAE Innovates exhibition, held under the auspices of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRCGI) at the Emirates Towers, Dubai.

A highlight during this month of innovation is DEWA’s showcase of over 50 groundbreaking projects across its premises, emphasizing its role in promoting an innovative culture. The Innovation Week event, stationed in the Innovation Tent at DEWA’s head office, is another key feature, where 14 pioneering projects are being brought to the forefront. Furthermore, DEWA is keen on fostering a spirit of innovation among the youth and its employees, evident through its organization of 18 engaging physical and virtual workshops tailored for school students and staff members. This initiative is aimed at bolstering involvement in envisioning and contributing towards a sustainable future.

In a significant move to underline its commitment to innovation, DEWA is staging the Annual Innovation and the Future Conference at the DEWA Academy on 27 February. This event is set to gather an impressive lineup of 12 distinguished local and international speakers, who are stalwarts in the realms of creativity and innovation.

Reflecting on the significance of UAE Innovates, HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, articulated, “The UAE Innovates represents an annual milestone to display DEWA’s dedicated efforts towards realizing the ambitious goals of the UAE and integrating innovation into the fabric of government operations. Our commitment is directed towards leading innovation and embracing the revolutionary technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution—spanning generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital transformation, and advanced solar and renewable energy technologies.” Al Tayer further elaborated on DEWA’s objectives of crafting forward-thinking solutions to meet rapidly evolving challenges, thereby ensuring its continued global leadership and expediting the transition to a sustainable green economy.

“DEWA is at the forefront of driving Dubai’s vision of shaping the future, by reimagining traditional work mechanisms to align with the swift pace of global transformations,” Al Tayer highlighted, underscoring DEWA’s pivotal role in steering Dubai’s journey towards innovation-driven progress.

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