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ERS: Voted Best Place to Work in Tech 2024 by Great Place to Work Ireland


Ireland-Based ERS Certified as Best Place to Work in Tech™

DUBLIN, May 28, 2024 — Enterprise Registry Solutions Ltd. (ERS), has been officially recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Tech for 2024 by Great Place to Work Ireland. This prestigious award highlights the exceptional, innovative, and employee-focused culture fostered by ERS amidst the vibrant tech landscape of Ireland.

Susan Bowman, Head of ERS, remarked, “Being part of ERS means you’re in a place where the energy and innovation of a startup blend seamlessly with the stability and benefits of a well-established company. Our vision is centered on harnessing the digital domain to unlock the potential of data while ensuring our team members grow, succeed, and forge meaningful connections both within and outside the company. This ethos has been a cornerstone of my leadership since coming onboard in 2022.”

A forefront runner in the tech domain, ERS leads the global market in creating and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions tailored for regulatory and registry operations. With a rich history in bridging the gap between complex legislative requirements and advanced technology, ERS serves a diverse client base spanning intellectual property, securities, charities, and pensions among other sectors.

The accolade from Great Place to Work™ Ireland was based on ERS’s performance in the Trust Index survey, assessing key themes such as achieving objectives, personal best, and team dynamics. With a certification benchmark set at 65 percent, ERS soared past this with a commendable overall score of 86 percent. This score not only surpassed the threshold for Great Place to Work™ Certification but also solidified its position as a leading environment within the tech industry, standing shoulder to shoulder with notable firms like Cisco, WP Engine Ireland Ltd., and others.

The survey underscored ERS’s strengths across multiple dimensions including Diversity and Inclusion, Work Environment and Process, Empowerment and Accountability, as well as Wellbeing and Teamwork. This achievement illustrates ERS as a model employer, attracting top talent in a competitive landscape.

ERS’s journey to being named a Best Workplace in Tech™ is a testament to its relentless pursuit of excellence, making it an attractive destination for those looking to advance their careers in a vibrant and supportive environment. For more insight into what makes ERS stand out and to explore career opportunities with this exemplary employer, potential applicants are encouraged to visit their careers page.

About ERS

At the helm of innovation in registry and regulatory technology solutions, Enterprise Registry Solutions Ltd. (ERS) is a leader keen on transforming and optimizing business processes for a varied clientele. As a pivotal part of ISC, a renowned firm specializing in registry and information management services, ERS leverages its global experience to drive advancements in the public data and records sector. ISC’s Class A Shares are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol ISV, demonstrating its standing and reliability in the market.

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