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Exploring Economic and Political Ties: PM Sharif’s Pivotal Meeting with Saudi Crown Prince on Riyadh Visit


Pakistan PM Sharif to Meet Saudi Crown Prince on Riyadh Visit

Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is set for a crucial meeting with the Saudi crown prince during his inaugural two-day visit to Riyadh starting Saturday, as announced by the foreign ministry. This trip marks Sharif’s first foreign excursion since he established a coalition government back in February, underscoring the longstanding camaraderie between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, a relationship that has frequently seen Islamabad reaching out to Riyadh for financial reinforcement amidst its economic strains.

During his rendezvous with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Sharif will delve into a myriad of subjects of mutual concern, aiming to fortify the bonds between the two nations. The conversation is anticipated to cover a broad spectrum of areas, including but not limited to, potential financial aid and investment prospects that Pakistan is eagerly seeking from the Saudi side.

In recent times, Pakistan has been actively pursuing Saudi Arabia for investments across diverse sectors such as agriculture, mines and minerals, and aviation, seeking to rejuvenate its economy through external financial influxes. One of the most noteworthy interests expressed by Saudi Arabia is in the acquisition of stakes in Pakistan’s Reko Diq mine, known for its valuable gold and copper reserves. A successful deal concerning this asset could significantly bolster Pakistan’s $350-billion economy, providing a substantial boost to its industrial and mining sectors.

This diplomatic engagement between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia illuminates the depth of their alliance, not just in terms of political relations but also in economic collaborations. As both nations look forward to strengthening their partnership, this visit could herald a new chapter in their bilateral ties, with potential investments and financial deals poised to underpin Pakistan’s ongoing economic revival efforts.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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