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Fostering Over Adoption: How Short-Term Pet Care Can Save Animal Lives


Decent: If You Can’t Commit to Adopting a Pet, Short-Term Fostering’s the Next Best Thing and Saves a Lot of Animal Lives

Adopting a pet is a significant commitment. For dog owners, this can mean dedicating an average of fifteen years to care for their furry companion, not to mention the financial responsibilities that include training, veterinary bills, food, and various accessories. It’s a long-term responsibility that not everyone is prepared for or able to take on. However, for those who love animals but can’t commit to adoption, there’s a rewarding alternative: pet fostering.

In the community of Naperville, an individual deeply involved in supporting dog rescue efforts has been making strides in promoting the benefits of short-term pet fostering. This initiative comes from the heart of someone who understands that not every animal lover is in the position to adopt a pet permanently.

Teresa Ryan, a real estate broker with a big heart for charity, has made significant contributions to more than a hundred organizations over the last thirty years. Inspired by a call to help dogs in need from a shelter overrun with animals and insufficient resources, Teresa and her husband Nick started the non-profit Angel Dog Alliance. Their mission began with saving dogs from dire situations in shelters, especially in areas where the number of dogs overwhelming outstrips the capacity to save them.

The Alliance initially helped by boarding dogs to keep them alive and healthy until they could be placed in more permanent situations. However, the Ryans quickly realized that fostering was a crucial step in the rescue process. Fostering provides a temporary home for these dogs, offering them a chance to live in a loving environment until a permanent home or space in a shelter becomes available.

Volunteers who foster take in pets on a short-term basis, which can greatly increase the chances of these animals finding their forever homes. This not only saves lives but also offers a variety of benefits to the foster families themselves. For instance, fostering can be a fantastic way to test if you’re ready for a pet, provide a learning experience for children about responsibility and compassion, and even serve as a temporary companion for families not ready to make a long-term commitment.

Longtime Naperville resident and dog lover, Patti Kuhl, is one example of someone who has found joy and purpose in fostering dogs. After retiring, she wanted to use her time to make a positive impact and found fostering through A Journey Home Dog Rescue to be fulfilling. This small but dedicated organization focuses on saving dogs from shelters where they are at risk of being put down, often dealing with relentless requests for rescue.

With millions of dogs and cats euthanized yearly in the United States, the case for adoption from shelters rather than purchasing from breeders or pet stores cannot be overstated. Fostering provides an essential stepping stone towards finding these pets their forever homes, with organizations like A Journey Home providing all necessary supplies and medical treatment through donations.

Indeed, the most challenging aspect of fostering may be resisting the attachment to these temporary furry guests. Yet, as Kuhl explains, with the right mindset—seeing fostering as a bridge to a pet’s permanent home—it becomes easier to part with them, knowing you’ve played a crucial role in their journey to a loving home.

Fostering pets is a worthy and compassionate endeavor that can make a significant difference in many lives—both human and animal. It offers a practical solution for those who want to help but cannot commit to long-term ownership, emphasizing that every little effort counts in the mission to save animal lives.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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