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India’s Quantum Leap: Emerging as a Global Leader in Quantum Technology Innovation


India Emerges as a Frontrunner in Quantum Technology Innovation

India has made significant strides in the field of quantum technology over the past two years, marking a pivotal shift towards becoming a global leader in this cutting-edge domain. This advancement was highlighted during a review meeting overseen by the Science and Technology Minister, who emphasized the vital contributions of over 40 quantum technology startups formed during this period. The meeting focused on the imperative progress under the National Quantum Mission, aiming to boost India’s stance in the realm of quantum technologies and quantum communication.

Quantum technology, which utilizes the principles of quantum mechanics, is pivotal for various sectors including cryptography, chemistry, healthcare, medicine, and logistics. The minister underscored India’s competitive position in quantum technologies, stating, “India is currently on an equal pedestal with other nations in terms of quantum technologies.” He stressed the importance of establishing India as a global frontrunner in this sphere.

The meeting also shone a light on the burgeoning role of the private sector and startups in the scientific advancement of the country. For instance, ‘QuNu Labs’, a startup from Bangalore incubated by ‘IIT Madras’, exemplifies the innovative spirit driving the country’s quantum technology sector forward, having signed an MoU with the Technology Development Board (TDB) for developing security products anchored in quantum technologies.

In a significant stride towards gender equality in scientific research, the minister highlighted the doubling of women’s participation in extramural research and development over the past decade. This achievement was facilitated by governmental efforts promoting women scientists and researchers through fellowship STEM programmes. Furthermore, the inauguration of the ‘Common Fellowship Portal’ and the announcement of the ASPIRE scheme, which will support around 300 women scientists with research grants for three years, underscore the government’s commitment to empowering women in science.

Reflecting on India’s journey to becoming a ‘Startup capital of the world’, the minister noted the exponential growth from a few hundred startups before 2014 to more than 1.25 lakh by 2024. This growth includes over 110 unicorns, highlighting startups’ remarkable contributions even in critical sectors like space. The minister proudly referenced the leap in India’s position on the Global Innovation Index, from 81st in 2015 to 40th in 2023, and its ranking third globally in terms of Publications and Ph.D. awards in Science and Engineering.

The visionary approach of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aimed at driving empowerment and ease of living, was cited as a guiding principle for innovation. With the supportive ecosystem established under PM Modi’s leadership, the investing of around 900 crores from 2016-2023 in the National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations (NIDHI) stands as a testament to the favorable conditions nurturing entrepreneurs in science and technology within India.

Furthermore, the review meeting addressed the progress of missions like the National Geospatial Mission and the Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Mission while discussing legislative initiatives such as Anusandhan NRF, aimed at bolstering India‚Äôs research framework. These discussions mark a comprehensive approach towards enhancing India’s scientific and technological infrastructure, aiming for an era of unprecedented innovation and development.

With dedication and strategic planning, India continues to forge a path towards becoming a global beacon in quantum technology and scientific innovation, reflecting a bright future for tech-based advancements within the country.

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