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IP E-Game Ventures Charts New Course into Real Estate Investment Trust Business


IP E-Game Ventures Embarks on Strategic Diversification into REIT Business

In an exciting move that reflects its strategic pivot towards diversification, IP E-Game Ventures Inc., a name synonymous with interactive gaming and content distribution, has announced its plans to venture into the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) space. In a recent disclosure to the stock exchange, the gaming firm revealed that its board has given the green light for the company to invest in a new entity that will specialize in the burgeoning REIT industry.

The authorization extends to enabling Jaime Enrique Gonzalez, the President and CEO, along with Mary Jenelle Palma, the Chief Financial Officer, to execute and sign off on the necessary investment and/or subscription agreements and other relevant documents. This move underlines the company’s commitment to expanding its investment horizons and tapping into new growth areas.

REITs: A Gateway to Real Estate Investment

REITs offer a compelling avenue for investing in income-generating real estate assets, encompassing a diverse range of properties from office spaces and malls to service apartments and hospitals. By primarily investing in these assets, REITs are mandated to distribute a minimum of 90 percent of their distributable income back to investors in the form of dividends annually. This not only promises attractive returns for investors but also provides a tax-efficient structure for the invested capital.

“The investment of the issuer in the REIT corporation is contingent upon the approval of pertinent regulatory bodies, following a strict adherence to the relevant laws, rules, and regulations governing the incorporation, registration, and listing of such REIT companies,” highlighted the disclosure from IP E-Game Ventures.

Funding and Future Prospects

The company outlined its financing strategy for the foray into the REIT sector, opting for a mix of equity, convertible debt, and other financial instruments. This diversified approach to funding is indicative of the company’s balanced outlook towards investing in this new endeavor.

IP E-Game Ventures has long been recognized for its dynamic portfolio of online games, including massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and casual games, catering to a broad audience base across local, regional, and global markets. The shift towards the REIT business marks a significant strategic transition, showcasing the company’s agility in adapting to new market opportunities beyond its traditional gaming and entertainment landscape.

In addition to exploring avenues in gaming, leisure, entertainment, and natural resources, this move into the REIT domain represents a forward-looking approach to business diversification, with the aim of capitalizing on the lucrative opportunities within the real estate investment sphere.

It’s worth noting that trading of IP E-Game shares has been on pause since May 2017, when the Philippine Stock Exchange suspended trading due to the non-filing of the required reports. The last trading price before the suspension stood at P0.0094 per share. The company’s bold stride into the REIT arena signals a robust intent to broaden its business model, leveraging real estate investment as a key component of its strategic portfolio expansion.

As IP E-Game Ventures Inc. progresses with its proposed investment into the REIT business, stakeholders and investors are optimistic about the potential for diversified growth and enhanced value creation. This venture not only underscores the company’s innovative approach to business but also sets a precedence for strategic diversification in the evolving digital and real estate investment landscapes.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura is a business correspondent known for her in-depth interviews and feature articles. With a background in International Business and a passion for global economic affairs, Natalie has traveled extensively, providing her with a unique perspective on international trade and global market dynamics. She started her career in Tokyo, contributing to various financial journals, and later moved to London to expand her expertise in European markets. Natalie's expertise lies in international trade agreements, foreign investment patterns, and economic policy analysis.

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